Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Collection letter; sample reply by debtor

"x x x.



(1) Manager
ARG – Auto Recovery Team
Xxx City 

(2) Mr. xxx 
ARG – Auto Recovery Team
Xxx City 

(3) Atty. xxx
Xxx and Associates Collection Agency
Xxx, xxx City

RE: CUSTOMER – xxx; PN NO. xxxx


This refers to the unsigned collection Letter, dated xxx, of a certain xxx, of the xxx and Associates Law Firm and Collection Agency, with offices in xxx City. It claims a total of Pxxx based on an attached xxx Bank Statement of Account as of xxx. 

This likewise refers to the Statement of Account as of xxx, emailed to me (xxx@xxx.com) by Mr. xxx of the ARG-Auto Recovery Team of xxx Bank, xxx City, as per our telephone conversation on the said date. It claims a total of Pxxx.

I am prepared to settle this matter with xxx Bank (creditor) by proposing the following:

1. That I shall pay xxx Bank Plaza the total amount of Pxxx in full settlement of its claim; and

2. That xxx Bank Plaza shall waive the amount of Pxxx, which consists of waivable penalties/surcharges and waivable premature legal fees and litigation expenses, there being no actual court litigation thereon at present.

Please communicate with me soonest so I can visit xxx Bank and pay on the same day, subject to full documentation of the settlement transaction and subject to the issuance by xxx Bank of (a) the Official Receipt for such payment to be made by me and (b) a Certificate of Completion of Payment or Clearance.

My personal mobile number is xxx. Please call me up ASAP.

In the meantime, in the interest of justice, please DEFER any premature judicial or legal action on your part on the said matter to avoid unnecessary counter-ligations and counterclaims by and between the parties.

For the record, I have yet to ask an accountant to audit your aforecited statements vis-à-vis the relevant contract of loan and promissory note. But without admitting any liability on my part, I am making the aforecited proposals to “buy peace”, so to speak, and as an act of “good faith” on my part.

Thank you.


Mr. Xxx xxxx 

Assisted by:

Xxx, xxxx City 


Atty. xxx xxx
Roll No. xxx
IBP Lifetime Member No. xxx 
IBP xxx Chapter
MCLE Compliance No. V-xxx
(Valid until xxx)
PTR No. xxx, xxx, xxx City

x x x."