Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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On new lawyers...

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The advice is this:

Never forget that the law serves justice. Your relatives, who spent a great deal for your education, or who sacrificed a great deal while you toiled in the night to become lawyers, will naturally be elated that you have become what you sought to become. I do not know though that that will be the same feeling of the general populace. I suspect they will not be elated, they will be fearful. In this country, the prospect of having more lawyers is not a promise, it is a threat.

For good reason: In ordinary times in these parts, the law is subjected to the most strenuous exercises. Lawyers like to bend the law, stretch the law, twist the law. They call this a display of legal erudition, the public calls it  palusot. The result being that if you’re rich, you can, and will, get away with murder. That is by no means metaphorical.

Spurn that kind of law. Scorn that kind of lawyer. Be part of the cure, not the disease.

x x x."

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