Thursday, August 7, 2014

Secretive SC; Matters of consideration

See - Matters of consideration

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The so-called “last bulwark of democracy,” the third co-equal branch of government, seems to be a cloaked society, wary of the prying eyes of media and the public. But no one in government can or should hide in the shadows. Not when the constituents are demanding transparency and accountability. No one should be beyond scrutiny. Most of all, no one should be above the law.
The Supreme Court in particular is ultra-sensitive to criticism and fiercely protective of its reputation and turf. The combination of Mafia-like omerta with ex cathedra authority is disquieting. It cultivates a mystique that projects the illusion of invincibility and promotes an air of infallibility.
Even now, with newblood infused in the High Tribunal, the archaic traditions live on. If they had their way, no one should question their decisions.
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