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The Commission on Filipinos Overseas prepared the following publications:

cfo primer

CFO Primer 2014                                                                                                                  

USA Handbook 2015
Handbook for Filipinos migrating to the United States of America (2014 Edition). The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) has prepared this guide which hopefully will help you adapt in your new life in the U.S.


US infokit
· Information Kit. The CFO prepared this guide to provide you with information that will ease your adjustment abroad. It is our way of wishing you a safe trip and a successful settlement overseas.

· Frontier. The CFO Frontier Policy Notes are observations and analyses on certain policies and issues affecting overseas Filipinos.

· Gintong Patnubay. The comics magazine reflects real-life stories and experiences of Filipinos overseas.
Gintong Patnubay 2009 Edition
Gintong Patnubay V2 N2
Gintong Patnubay V2 N1
Gintong Patnubay V1 N1

· Handbook for Overseas Filipinos (8th Edition). The handbook provides information on a wide range of policies, programs, and activities of the Philippine government affecting Filipinos overseas. As well as returning Filipinos. It also provides information on a number of programs through which Filipinos overseas can actively participate in the realization of the Philippine development agenda.

I.    Filipinos Overseas and their Contribution to National Development

II.   Recognition of Overseas Filipinos
III.  Philippine Laws and Regulations Affecting Filipinos Overseas
IV.  Immigration Policies on Visiting and Returning Overseas Filipinos
V.   Programs and Services of Government Agencies for Overseas Filipinos

· LINKAPIL Operations Manual (5th Edition). The manual addresses the information needs of Filipinos and other donors overseas concerning the transfer of various forms of assistance to the Philippines, and the procedures and requirements in the processing of material donations from overseas.

· Invest in the Philippines: Investment and Business Guide for Overseas Filipinos. The compendium provides information on investing and doing business in the Philippines, particularly in small to medium scale enterprises.

· Guide to Learning Filipino. The guide is a teaching and learning material intended for organizations and groups overseas interested to teach the Filipino language to children of overseas Filipinos and other individuals who would like to learn basic or conversational Filipino.

· Manual of Policies and Regulations for Philippine Schools Overseas. The manual provides policy guidelines and specific rules and regulations for the establishment, accreditation, operation, and management of elementary and secondary schools overseas.

 · The Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas is a biennial award institutionalized through Executive Order 498. It is conferred on Filipino individuals and organizations that contribute to Philippine development or promote the interests of Filipino communities overseas. It is also given to Filipinos overseas who have distinguished themselves in their professions.

· Lakbay Aral sa Pilipinas. The brochure provides information how to join Lakbay-Aral, its program fee, and the tour packages.

· The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act or 2003 Primer. The primer provides information on the major provisions of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003.

· Enjoy the Benefits of Dual Citizenship. The primer provides information on the major provisions of the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003.

· 10 Questions on the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. The primer provides information on the main functions, programme areas and organizational structure of the CFO.

· Transnational Bridges ( Migration, Development and Solidarity in the Philippines ). The book is organized into two parts. Part 1 tells part of the story of two decades of the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) program. Initiated by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in 1989, the initiative aimed at matching the resources donated by overseas Filipino associations to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities in the Philippines. The LINKAPIL program has been in existence long before remittances, diaspora philanthropy or migrant giving and the migration-development nexus caught the interest of the global community. A brief introduction about the program is provided, followed by vignettes of selected donors and a focus on livelihood projects. Part 2 presents sketches of migrant giving, migrants’ investments and models of partnership between overseas Filipinos and local institutions culled from the research conducted by MAPID-Philippines in 2008.

Publications with full text are in portable document format (.pdf). In order to download PDF files, you need to have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed in your computer. You can download the latest Acrobat® Reader® for free from Adobe's website.

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