Thursday, June 30, 2016

My questions to Duterte

Duterte says he knows what is legal and what is not, that he shall obey the rule of law, that he shall promote positive human values, and that he shall promote unity. 

I ask him:

1. Why did he encourage vigilante justice of and extrajudicial killing by the Davao Death Squads for many years?

2. Why did he allow the NPA court/s to try a kidnapped police officer?

3. Why did he encourage Mindanao businessmen to pay revolutionary taxes to the NPA?

4. Why are his unexplained BPI funds excluded in his SALNs?

5. Why does he continue to maintain his political dynasty in Davao contrary to the Constitution?

6. Why is he unable to explain the COA findings that he abused his power to hire casuals and that he incurred millions to maintain them?

7. Why did he profess to abolish Congress and declare martial law and/or revolutionary government if his anti-crime actions are questioned by Congress and the Commission on Human Rights?

8. Why did he cuss/curse the UN (“Fuck you, UN!) if he says his government would insure that the PH would be a responsible member of the world community?

9. Why does he feel inner satisfaction in unjustly insulting the Catholic Church and its bishops?

10. Why did he feel inner joy in cussing/cursing the Pope? (“Putang ina mo, Pope. Bumalik ka na sa Vatican?”)

11. Why did he insult the memory of the dead/raped Australian missionary by saying that the Mayor must have priority in raping women?

12. Why does he prefer to dialog with the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf while allowing the extrajudicial mass killing of small-time drug “suspects”?

13. Why does he prefer to dialog with and offer the benefit of resignation to drug lord- generals while allowing the extrajudicial killing of small-time drug “suspects”?

14. Why does he cuss and boycott the Mass Media, the only remaining bridge for communication between the government and the people on vital public matters?

15. What is his real agenda with respect to China and the West PH Sea? (Why did he meet with Chinese officials during the election campaign period?)

16. What is his real brand of “socialism”? Is it the Cuban or Venezuelan brand? Does his follow the Marx-Lenin-Mao Tse Tung Thought? Does he subscribe to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat?

17. How deep are his political connections with big miners and Big Business?

18.What is his real agenda behind his plan to revise the Constitution to adopt a so-called Federal Parliamentary System of Government? 

19. Why is his hate against his pet peeve “Imperial Manila” so grave that he promotes divisiveness between Luzon, on one hand, and Visayas/Mindanao, on the other?

20. Up to what extent is he willing to accommodate the hardcore terrorist Communists in his government? 

21. What is his real plan with respect to the political future of the Marcoses?

22. Why does he disrespect and distrust his Vice President Leni Robredo?