Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trapped in a loveless, unhappy marriage? Alvarez offers solution | ABS-CBN News

(1) "Under his bill, parties will be spared the painful process of annulment by allowing couples to jointly petition a court for the dissolution of their marriage." 

(2) "...Dito dissolution of marriage sabihin natin both parties will agree. Ngayon, 'di pwede that's a ground for denial of annulment, collusion between the parties. Bakit niyo gagawin 'yan? Dito sa batas na ito both parties can agree and jointly petition the court for the dissolution of the marriage," Alvarez said. "

(3) "Hindi ito divorce dissolution of marriage ito. Halimbawa, 'di tayo magkasundo, 'di na tayo masaya sa isa't isa, we can go to court and petition jointly for the dissolution of our marriage. Then doon sa petition na iyon mag-agree na tayo, custody of children, paano mo hatiin 'yung properties. Ang duty ng judge, ministerial na lang. Titignan niya kung walang intimidation, kung may free will ba ang parties to enter into an agreement na di-dissolve ang marriage," he said."

(4) "...should one of the spouses refuse the dissolution, the other spouse can still petition a court on the ground of unhappiness.

(5) "Aside from dissolution of marriages, Alvarez also seeks to pass a law that will prevent marriages for money or convenience."

(6) "He told ABS-CBN News that he is filing a bill to amend the family code to abolish the absolute community property regime in marriages and revert to the status of properties at the time the marriage was contracted."

(7) "Alvarez explained that under his proposal, couples no longer have to sign a pre-nuptial agreement so that they can keep their properties separate." 

(8) "...'Pag walang marriage settlement, complete separation of property ang presumption and default provision complete separation of property para maiwasan natin 'yung nagpapakasal dahil sa pera, dahil mayaman ang lalaki, dahil mayaman ang babae. 'Di ba kultura ng Pilipino nahihiya tayong magpapirma ng marriage settlement," he said."

(9) "Currently, properties of married couples become properties of both spouses unless there is a pre-nuptial agreement."

(10) "Dati sa Civil Code natin pagka walang marriage settlement automatic nakalagay conjugal partnership ang regime of property. Inamendahan ito ng Family Code ginawa from conjugal, ginawa community property halo halo na lahat," Alvarez said."