Monday, July 10, 2017

War on drugs in Mexico and its Philippine version

News reports in Mexico mislead us to believe that ordinary citizens have "voluntarily" armed themselves (allegedly at their own expense) to kill drug lords and drug pushers.

I seriously doubt the alleged "voluntariness."

This massive act of "arming" ordinary citizens partakes of the nature of state-sanctioned formation of citizens' militias under training and funding from official security forces.

They are no different from the Philippine para-military version of the CHDF or CAFGU or "voluntary force multipliers" under the control of the military and the police forces.

This tactic perpetuates the CULTURE OF DEATH AND IMPUNITY.

The bullet takes over the criminal justice system.

The nation deteriorates to the dark ages of brutality and lawlessness.

Filipinos must be vigilant against this destructive and murderous potentiality.

In southern Mexico, several mining communities have suffered for years under the terror of organised crime. But not anymore. Many residents have taken up arm...