Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Journalists hit solons for ‘bullying’ reporter in bribe story | Inquirer News

See - Journalists hit solons for ‘bullying’ reporter in bribe story | Inquirer News

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Herrera invoked the Sotto Law during the hearing on why she could not be forced to reveal her sources.

According to the NUJP, Section 1 of Republic Act 53 or the Sotto Law states that “The publisher, editor or duly accredited reporter of any newspaper, magazine or periodical of general circulation cannot be compelled to reveal the source of any news-report or information appearing in said publication which was related in confidence to such publisher, editor or reporter, unless the court or a House or committee of Congress finds that such revelation is demanded by the interest of the State.”

The NUJP said the law was “precisely enacted to protect sources of reporters and the journalists themselves against any attempt to force them to identify sources who have offered information on the condition of anonymity.”

“We do not see how anyone in the supposedly august chamber can invoke national security in trying to force Ms. Herrera to divulge any confidential information. Bullying and intimidating Herrera is forcing her to violate one of the basic tenets of journalism on the protection of confidentiality of sources,” the media group said.

The group said the threat of lawmakers to cite Herrera in contempt 
for refusing to reveal her sources set “a precedent on House investigations involving journalists and poses a threat to the integrity of the media and journalists.”

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