Monday, June 15, 2015

The despicable Asian bully called China.

At the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, a Chinese diplomat Wang Min escalated the word war between the Philippines and China over their claims and counterclaims in respect of the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea.

Read the harsh words/threats of China:

1.      “Manila has a clear purpose to deceive the international community.’”

2.    “China will continue with its reclamation work despite protests from Manila.

3.    “Manila’s calculations are totally wrong. China's will to safeguard her sovereignty and territorial integrity is rock firm. No matter what and how much they say at this meeting or any UN venues, they will never get their way.”

4.    "China's construction activities on her islands and reefs are conducted in the Chinese territory, falling entirely within the scope of China's sovereignty. It is legal, justified and reasonable."

5.     "China urges that country to correct its erroneous actions and return to the right track of resolving the disputes through bilateral negotiations as soon as possible.”

Read also China’s standard deceitful promises to ASEAN and the whole world:

1.      “China will not undermine other countries' lawful right to the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea but will facilitate their joint response to challenges on the sea and provide more guarantee for navigation safety.”

2.    “China’s reclamation activities are for both defense and humanitarian purposes like maritime search and rescue, disaster prevention and relief, and scientific research”.

We wish to share our thoughts against the wrongful and arrogant behavior of China:

1.      This despicable Asian bully, called China, is hallucinating, like a drug addict, that it can dominate, control and manipulate  public international law and world opinion at its own whims and caprices.

2.    Its insane dream to convert the West PH Sea/So. Chin Sea into a huge “communist lake” smacks of psychotic national greed that must be condemned by the whole world.

3.    If it thinks that it can win a world war against the freedom-loving countries of the world, it is hugely mistaken. Its geo-political and military miscalculations will lead to its own total destruction as a nation.

4.    It is entitled to its own destructive and pathological illusions, hallucinations, and delusion of grandeur. But it should limit its insanity within its own crazy borders and among is equally crazy governmental institutions. It should stop harassing its peace-loving, mentally equanimous, and emotionally healthy ASEAN neighbors.

Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.
Laserna Cueva-Mercader Law Offices