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Pigilan ang Pamilyang Marcos sa Pagbubura ng Kanilang Krimen sa ating Kasaysayan - Raissa Robles.

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I speech about the Mark I spoke at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 2014. It was translated into English by  Cha Coronel Datu,  for free . I am most grateful to Cha. Please share, please, friends and extended family. - Love, Raissa Robles

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Good morning. Before I begin, I'm going to have a story for you.
Here in this building, I first met Imee Marcos. He performed was the main actor in the Tagalog version of a table in English titled "Animal Farm". Professor Jonas Sebastian's director. And I am the Stage Manager.
I remember Jonah had to change some lines are spoken by Imee in this drama because there are similarities in the summary really happening in our country at that time. Because of the "Animal Farm" on a failed revolution. As it turned out then, it also occurs Marcos called the "Revolution from the Center". Gradually ring was never distracted.
Until the expelled people of Marcos. Gradually, those successor government also seemed different versions as well as "Animal Farm".
Now the Marcos family is back, and if they are magsikilos if nothing happened "People Power Revolution" in EDSA in 1986.
A growing number are expecting to gain seats Filipino Marcos came to power in Malacañang. Many of these Filipinos are born after the events of EDSA.
I will try to explain the reasons as Ferdinand Marcos - a brutal, savage murderer and dictator - is now looked upon as heroes by some younger Filipinos, after only twenty-five years of his death and twenty eight years also after his dictatorship.
I'll also reveal how his wife Imelda and their three children are back now in the range of nakakariwasa and who are in our society. Besides there is still admired even now.
This is a lesson to corrupt, steal a little bit, the defeated you in jail. Preferably the utmost steal like Marcos.
I explicitly used the word "stealing" because the court itself said countries Switzerland, in a historic judgment in 2003, the money kept by the Marcos banks in their country comes from criminal procedure. More than a billion dollars belonging to the stealth of Marcos sent a court of Switzerland in the Philippines.
If that were not, why not one of the Marcos have been gaol? Three of them are now sitting position and holding the power?
I have seen three reasons.
First - The generation that toppled the couple dictatorship is thought to be due to their extremely brutal and greedy to the enrichment and enjoyment of power, there is no need to remind people about it.
Forgotten by the People Power generation one-document or record Marcos plethora of knowledge of the next generation.
There were also spelled Nick Joaquin book entitled "Quarter of the Tiger Moon" and there was also the "coffee table book" about people power.
But until now, the book "History of the Filipino People" written by historians from Teodoro Agoncillo UP and is used by many schools to teach history (History) is still not changed, still added the contemporary Marcos reigned and the many years that followed afterward
Consequently, the next generation has no idea why the strong and beautiful - the Mighty and the Beautiful - made legend by Marcos about themselves - was violent and Mapurot in real life.
In Waray, meaning "mapurot" is ugly and undesirable.
Not all of the intellectual property is being kuntsaba the Mark. They become propagandists and write what publications Marcos was instructed. So ashamed they let everyone know they did during Martial Law.
Yung building where the UP Asian Center before the center was the thinker and the mouthpiece research or think-tank of Marcos. The former is called the Philippine Center for Advanced Studies or PCAS. Their leader is Col. Joe Almonte. Any study the order of Mark, they did it.
I know this because as a newly graduated college then, I work there as a dog-writing the "script" with the radio series entitled  History of the Philippines . I left before becoming the subject of this series Marcos.
In the absence of comprehensive reports in our history that deals with the Marcos regime, the Marcos family was able to sell the new generation voters lies in the following:
1. That the Martial Law is a good and humane dictatorship
2. That there have been victims of abuses of human rights at that time. Said that Ferdinand's, that's like saying they are victims seeking monetary compensation only.
3. That our economy was thriving at the time of Marcos.
4. Mark the greatest presidents because he built buildings such as the Cultural Center, Folk Arts Theater, Film Center, Heart Center, Kidney Center, Lung Center, and San Juanico Bridge. You will see this expression of "social media" such as Facebook and Youtube.
One to discuss them.
Marcos called his regime a good dictatorship (benevolent dictatorship), or martial law seemed to be smiling. The truth - fear prevailed throughout the country and claims wry smile.
Catholic school I attended, a directive from the sisters immediately conveyed to our students. Our lunch or "lunchtime", said drug eat three-three or more. Because such groupings are considered illegal or "illegal assembly" of Martial Law.
What was so more women teen-ager about being subversive? I do not even know the meaning of it then.
But that only made Marcos repression of the people.
The military and police can simply pick anyone from the streets or from their own homes.
And must be careful in each of jokes about Mark and the New Society.
It was only ousted the Marcos eventually realizes Filipinos truly shocking picture of the abuses occurred during the New Society. Babababa not ten thousand of those killed or mistreated and tortured.
Here are some counting to show how bad the situation of abuse of human rights and how cunning as much as those who tried to oppose the new society - as predominant as a dictator Marcos and while his wife Imelda Minister The Housing (Human Settlements) pagsiya indulge in shopping in other countries, with an estimated seven hundred victims are added each month to the number of victims of abuse.
Ie each day he was in power, there are twenty three new victims every day. Or in his fourteen years as dictator, a Filipino was killed or tortured every single time.
Even the great governor of Ilocos Norte Imee Marcos has blood on his hands. A student from Mapua, Archimedes Trajano, once asked him - should the son of the President to lead the Youth Barangay?
A few days after his inquiry to Imee, found that only Trajanong dead. Investigators say killed him by rambulan the fraternity.
Trajano's mother sued in America against Imee Marcos. His mother won the case.
Although I was not an activist, I know the arrests happening because my father was a professor at the UP Law played a role in the release of some of those arrested. One was Gerry Barican. I'm not sure if the other man, Herminio Sonny Coloma. And one of them, I think, is definitely having a shake of my late father in the afterlife. His name is Gary Olivar - those propagandists of President Gloria Arroyo.
The striking here is they all three became presidential spokesman or spokesman for the president.
I can laugh about it now. But at the time, the help of my father made resulted not good for our family. Suddenly said the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) if they do not believe that we are poor. If only they had visited the house, they would have enlightened their sinsasabing indescribable suffering of our family.
Repeatedly we charged BIR to pay higher taxes. My mother came from a neighbor BIR employees for help. Said to him, everything will seem like "assessment" for which a year that if we can lift the palm for some of the BIR.
Whenever this occurs then, my mother pulls our budget for food expenses. I remember that sometimes nakakabili we were unable food because my mother in a customer nagpapatahi him.
So even though I'm not an activist, I know what results when you do not adhere or conform Marcos.
And not just that, took the family of Marcos and Imelda Romualdez who practices in the media - on TV, on radio and on radio.
Not shown by the media was actually going to war in Mindanao - the war which were Nur Misuari, Hashim Salamat and Murad Ebrahim have united together to fight against the Moro National Liberation Front.
Approximately sixty thousand to eighty thousand civilians and rebels have been killed in Mindanao from 1972 to 1976. More than a million residents were evacuated.
Marcos changed the map of that part of the Philippines, Palawan, Philippines removed and divided the left to lead the commander of his army.
Marcos's actions in Mindanao and the inefficiency of the people of Luzon about it was the fireplace to have a lack of confidence among the people of Mindanao and Luzon meeting. It also added the lack of understanding about the purpose of the Muslim desire for autonomy.
Let us discuss now the achievements or the "achievements" of Marcos during Martial Law. Certainly he built the building as well as the bridge I mentioned at the beginning of his twenty years in power - from December 30, 1965 to February 25, 1986.
But how much? And much as his commission? Yung  overpricing ?
Since become President Marcos in 1965, the debt or foreign debt of our country is less than a billion dollars (US $ 1 B) only. When he left his family, ballooned our debt and take twenty-seven billion dollars (US $ 27B), nearly twenty-six billion gains (US $ 26 B). Ie over one billion dollars per annum accrued sitting Marcos.
The estimate of "Presidential Commission on Good Government" built in 1986, the amount stolen by Marcos will reach ten billion dollars (US $ 10 B). The cost is forty percent (40%) of the amount owed his regime.
Those who love Marcos, they did not mention the debt that he left. They also mention another consequence of the Marcos administration in our country - the massive fall in the value of the peso.
When Mark won the elections in 1965 with the promise to re-magnify our country, a dollar is equal to three dollars and ninety cents (P3.90) only.
When he declared Martial Law was developed for a New Society, fallen six dollars and seventy-seven cents (P6.77) the equivalent of a dollar. When Benigno Ninoy Aquino died in 1983, fell in the amount of eleven pesos (P11) the equivalent of every dollar. When Marcos fled the 1986, twenty pesos (P20) that its equivalent.
Ie the genuine achievements of Marcos - more than twenty-five billion dollars (US $ 25 billion) to be added to our account, the collapse of the peso from P20 P3.90 reaches the equivalent of a dollar, and possibly twenty billion dollars (US $ 20 billion) to bribe.
Additionally, there are also many poor as described Smokey Mountain. There are also numerous Filipinos being exported or sent to the Middle East to be cheap workers in different countries.
Consider this: According to the conviction of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2003 to the Civil 0141 or those "civil forfeiture case" against Marcos, their "net worth" when they left $ US957 , 487.75 - or more than a million dollars.
I explained how now worth US $ 356 M attached to their "account" bank in Switzerland that are not made it by the government of Switzerland since 1986 and instead sent to the Philippines after.
Add more on this - to explain Imelda Marcos had three collections of jewelry worth four million dollars (US $ 4 M). One of the collection will be sent to the Government of the Philippines. But more recently has come Bongbong the Supreme Court and reversible appeal the decision because it was not actually included this collection of our government in their case (forfeiture suit in the Supreme Court).
He said there's an engaging - says Sen. Ferdinand Marcos ya have to apology President Benigno for the failure to rescue the people of Hong Kong to become hostage to the tourist bus incident in 2010. He says hard raw I understand her refusal to seek pardon.
But Marcos and his family even never asked forgiveness of their victims of abuses of human rights. For them, there were victims like this.
Due to these actions and words, we can conceive, why did really wants to be President Ferdinand. Because for the cases dismissed about their families and prevent the confiscation of their stolen wealth?
Indicated that the government auctioning off the jewelry.
That's a big mistake. The jewelry is owned by Filipinos. Was the price of it is the blood of the Marcos regime and abused their failed promises of a better future. These should be part of our tribute to the enormous robbery and corruption that occurred during the dictatorship, so it will not happen again.
Did you know that I tried to take a photograph of the jewelry it was the Commission and this says to me is not as it seems it will be up still under trial. But did you know, these jewelry is published in a "coffee table book" titled "Thoroughly Imeldific".
There were mistakes in how ispan been edging Filipinos many memories of this jewelry. Imelda describes an advocate or "patroness" of art and devoted to the "truth, goodness, and beauty". Never thought that really should remember that this jewelry is his being "shopaholic", which indiscriminately used the taxes paid by the people for his own pleasure. Nilaspag the money he would have used it to help many impoverished Filipinos living.
For those like Irene Vinluan fan of Marcos, such popularization of their corruption is a nobody. This is what he wrote on the Facebook page's daughter Imee Marcos:
"I love Marcos! During the time of his Presidency, despite of his corruption, at the same time, he also did good for the country, the streets were cleaner, not much street crimes, the Philippines was one of the richest in Asia. "
(I love the Mark. At the time he was president, even if he is corrupt, at the same time, there are still good that he gave to our people, clean streets, just a little crime, the Philippines is one of the richest in Asia.)
We change the name Marcos Hitler and Germany use instead of the Philippines, and read as follows:
I love Hitler. At the time he was Chancellor, even though he was corrupt, with it, there is still good that he gave to our people, clean streets, just a little crime, that Germany is one of the richest in Europe.
Kanyo not justified?
Wrong. Marcos himself said that one of those he studied in preparation for the declaration of Martial Law is how Hitler had his power in Germany.
By the way, did not exist without Marcos convicted by a court of criminal. Imelda Marcos was convicted of corruption crimes on September 24, 1993 and sentenced to twenty-four years in jail. But for unexplained reasons - or according to others is also apparent reason - the Solicitor General then President Fidel Ramos has dismissed the complaint and told the Supreme Court that they were wrong to accuse Imelda.
The second reason  why nearly sank into oblivion the evils committed by the Marcos took advantage because they and their supporters some Filipino tends to spread their version of events.

Here the attitude I'm talking about:

The first is respect for your elders.
Marcos used it and called "Apo", meaning the Ilokano is nakatatandaang male authority.
Imelda Marcos and in turn, no matter how ridiculous talk and even turn its overwhelming added to our debt because of his habit pagsiya shopping, binbigyan still respect him because he is old.
One of my vivid memories of the past to leave the Mark my visit to Malacañang. As a reporter about politics for the newspaper Business Day , I entered the palace and allowed to move around any part of it. 
Bea Zobel was the wife of Jaime Zobel and his friend Mercy Tuazon is located in and also helps the inventory of the deceased with Mark.
Have you ever seen the Rustan's? , One of them asked me. I said no.
They brought me into a room at the back of the room of Imelda Marcos. All his shoes there. And a large stack of her panty and bra. But one caught my attention was that in her bathroom. This is a BIG bottle of expensive perfume, about the size and almost filled the flesh. I think not empty then if you just spray daily, consumed only if ipapaligo its content.
I also remembered that each room has a bunch of wilted flowers. Large amount if the cost was Imelda flowers imported, according to the Commission reporting.
After the death of Ferdinand Marcos in 1989, another Filipino but profited by his family: 'Do not speak evil of a late.
This practice is in conflict with the proper writing of our kasaysaysayan. I understand that very few draws course History of UP. It is no fun. It is a pity. A country can not move forward if it does not learn the lessons of history.
I salute those who keep writing about history without it profit a lot of money.
The third tends Filipino throwing Marcos denouncing them is this - Forgive your enemies.
Someone who does not forgive his enemies napapagsabihang vindictive. And if he is a politician, said he used politics paghihigant1.
I remember when President Corazon Aquino, says Manoling Morato was Chairman of the Board of Censors, raw should stop speaking poorly about Marcos to prevail so that the unity of all.
Now we are reaping the results of this counsel, until now, insists the son of Marcos and his wife who have done Mark, there was no abuse of human rights, and he was the greatest President of the Philippines accelerated.
The fourth Filipino customs, I mention the greatest threat to our future - Do not blame the sins of the father to his children.
As well as activists and former Congressman Satur Ocampo, defended the strange alliance of Bayan Muna  with Marcos in 2010 through the use of this argument. Ocampo said that they did not collect the child.
But my son has long been an accomplice of the father and mother. Previously he had tried to use a person ordered to withdraw their money hidden in Switzerland. And the son as it is now the legal administrator of the deceased father's property. Before it, this child is also one of the named beneficiary of US $ 356M father has been stolen and deposited in banks in Switzerland.
These secret bank accounts in Switzerland they used aliases or different names. But also signed the Marcos couple of separate documents stating they belong to the same bank account. They also signed documents stating who will be beneficiaries or receive money if they die.
In February, 2011, I was privileged Marcos mapatabi with a lunch at a press conference held by the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines, I gave him a few questions.
In answer to my question, he said that he would continue the steps to reach agreement or compromise settlement between them and the government about the case of Mark and assets pursuing them by the government. But he confirmed that he was the beneficiary of the money in banks in Switzerland.
These are his remarks had asked if he could confirm that he was one of the named beneficiary of millions of dollars deposited in banks in Switzerland:
"I can not confirm because I have not seen or read them. We - I do not know. I can not - I can not say that I know. Definitely the Swiss money were there. Or are there now. It's for us - again this constant - that people are saying - participating more and more in that - "
(I can not confirm because I have not seen or read it. We - I do not know. I can not - I can not say I know. I'm sure there's money in Switzerland was. Or was there now. It's for us - again it was repeated - say people - increasingly participate there -)
Poor boy, he was not read. As I myself read a copy of the documents left by their father in Malacanang in a hurry to leave in February 1986.
Nakapagtatataka not trying the sons of the dictator returned to the field of politics the name of their father.
For example, there are many events held in Ilocos Norte led by Gubetnador Imee Marcos that the aim is to pay tribute to their father, Ferdinand Marcos. Last year they performed:
1. "President Mark Cup" for lovers hunt
2. A rock concert named "Da Real Makoy Concert 2"
3. A dance called "Marcos Fiesta 2013 Flash Mob" about the life of Mark
4. And the battle of debate, "The First Intercollegiate Debates Sirib Ferdinand Marcos in 2013

Mark my birthday, September 11, they called Mark Day.
Flashing contest Imee Marcos of "Little Macoy and Imelda Little Sing-alike", there are also "Mark Quiz", and "Mark Heritage Trail Free Tour".
In 2012, the authorities published the Marcos family a book about art and culture during their father's presidency.
And of course, there was also the ongoing display of waxed Marcos figure or figures as well as a museum in his memory.
The aim of all this is to confirm the version of the Mark of their role in our history. In less than Facebook and Twitter, it is done only in Ilocos. But not anymore.
Also used Mark's Facebook and YouTube to make it appear that their father was the greatest president of the Philippines.
How to change views about Mark?
The Social Weather Station (SWS) had inquired about the sentiments of the Filipino concerning Mark. In 1998, twelve years after his departure the map, they carried out a survey and compared it with the previous survey.
These are their findings:
1. Regarding the proposed "Marcos steal the wealth of the nation", the public opinion has changed from not pleasant (unfavorable) in 1986 was "neutral" or neutral in 1995 and 1998.
2. Regarding the measure was "a brutal and oppressive president", also changed the sentiments of public opinion split from in 1986 has been conducive in 1995 and 1998.
3. Regarding the proposed Imelda Marcos is really guilty or not guilty to charges of pangangwalta or graft, half of respondents in the SWS believe he was really guilty and fourteen percent said he was innocent.
Was not that a Filipino tradition mentioned should not speak poorly about the dead?
In 1998, Dr. Mahar Mangahas of SWS wrote about the dramatic change in public opinion about Ferdinand Marcos.
He gave two reasons.
He said that on the one hand, the softening of opinion about Marcos has to do with demographics. Seniors with life-including youth and replaces the area.
He added that in his view, because it is also because the existence of Marcos in 1986 and in 1995 he died. He also noted that the results of the survey indicates no character but Marcos of the Philippines. Because not many of us would resent more than a dead person, even for someone like Marcos.
But what about establishing the truth of history? And ensuring that the truth will prevail in every generation?
In 2011, have recovered considerably Marcos in the opinion of the people. SWS asked those Filipinos who they think the first three Filipino hero. Topping the list are Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, and Ninoy Aquino.
And Mark was on the list - he mentioned 5.1% of the survey. Please vote only say it's devoted to his Ilocano. But why more than topped Ramon Magsaysay and Lapu-lapu?
The third reason why I changed the outlook concerning Mark and his family back again is the kind of leadership in our country since 1992 - or six-year recession Marcos. Since President Ramos took office, started the planning of harmony or "compromise settlement" between the Marcos government.
By 1993, there was this conflict: seventy-five percent (75%) of plundered Mark goes to the government, while twenty-five percent (25%) remain in the Marcos family, levy no tax at all. All charges against them will be withdrawn as well. Who knows how much booty that you really value?
Just imagine if you did not petition the late lawyer, lawyer, Frank Chavez to the Supreme Court to prevent the agreement, surely billions of pesos of the Marcos enjoy effortlessly.
President Joseph Estrada succeeded Ramos still tried to push this agreement. Fortunately, the high court dismissed this and any future conversations about it.
The decision to write to the Associate Justice Artemio Panganiban said this:
"The waiver of all claims against the Marcos would be a virtual warrant for all public officials to amass public funds illegally, since there is an option to compromise their liabilities in exchange for only a portion of their ill-gotten wealth."
(The abandonment of forfeiting the proceeds of assets Marcos is like an explicit authorization of all government officials to enrich themselves with the people's money anyway they also have the opportunity to undertake the latter for mere fraction of their stolen .)
That is the message of Mark to all politicians, not true. If you steal, steal big.
What can we make of Filipinos?
My wife a newspaper writer (journalist) was repeatedly telling me that Berlin is a center for recording or documenting the crimes of the Nazis. We need something like this for Marcos did, especially the records of the tortured, the report by Amnesty International about this time, and direct statements of people from different sides, including The Marcos.
My husband has collected a list of references (sources) on its website But he has faced. Hot Manila is the first Filipino satirical site, started fourteen years ago. This is the first nagpabalita a story about Love Bug virus.
There was a meeting in Berlin who told me that in their country, children were awakened with the crimes of Hitler. Marcos crimes should also be written in our history books.
In addition to writing books, the academic arrive mapapagkatiwalaang list of references of Martial Law. A historiography of Martial Law.
And we need to deal with support and fans of Mark and challenge their delusions and makes deleting history.
Marcos destroyed our country and now they conceal their crimes.
Remember that during the Martial Law, the existence of this conversation is impossible. We will be arrested before an hour later.
That we are free to speak today is a testament to how far we have come in our democracy. Till now we are talking about the possible return of Marcos in the center of the stage show was dangerous to shrink and forgetfulness.
I want to show you two souvenir from the time of Marcos.
Night evacuate Marcos from Malacañang, my husband climbed the fence in Malacañang. But before that, he cut barbed wire outside the palace.
Marcos fears because his own countrymen.
It was what I call "Macky Watch". This gold watch given to the guest at one of their birthday celebrations in 1977. This was given to me by a good friend.
Symbolized by barbed wire in the absence of punishment for crimes (impunity) of the Marcos dictatorship. I watch is a symbol of bluff, especially that of Imelda Marcos.
Let us love saga of Mark - the Strong and Beautiful.

It must be replaced - the violent and Mapurot - ugly and undesirable.
xx x. "