Wednesday, October 28, 2015

RA 10591; Anting-anting bullets and airport extortions

Sec. 3 (b), R.A. No. 10591 (“Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act”, c. 2013) defines an ammunition as: 

"a complete unfixed unit consisting of a bullet, gunpowder, cartridge case and primer or loaded shell for use in any firearm."

A mere anting-anting bullet (slug) attached to a necklace bought at the vicinity of Quiapo Church and elsewhere without gunpowder, cartridge and primer and without a loaded shell for use in any firearm should not be made a basis to criminally indict someone who carries the same for his spiritual protection as part of his personal supramundane beliefs.

The law limits the exact definition of an ammunition for purposes of criminal prosecution.

Airport security personnel should cease and desist from arresting for inquest purposes such individuals, most of whom are unsophisticated OFWs or budget Filipino tourists, because doing so unnecessarily and unfairly causes such individuals great socio-economic inconvenience, tedious delay, litigation and other legal expenses (bail bond, lawyer's fees, court charges, etc.), and mental sufferings.

Sec. 28 (g) of R.A. 10591 provides that "the penalty of prision mayor in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any person who shall unlawfully acquire or possess ammunition for a small arm or Class-A light weapon." (8 years). [Note: Read also Sec. 28 [k)].

The huge impossible penalty (8 years) is the coercive instrument being used by corrupt airport security personnel to extort money in broad daylight from helpless travelling Filipinos.