Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Final judgment - G.R. No. 179675

G.R. No. 179675

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It is a settled rule is that a judgment which has acquired finality becomes immutable and unalterable; hence, it may no longer be modified in any respect except only to correct clerical errors or mistakes.[14] Clarification after final judgment is, however, allowed when what is involved is a clerical error, or not a correction of an erroneous judgment, or dispositive portion of the Decision.[15] Where there is an ambiguity caused by an omission or mistake in the dispositive portion, the court may clarify such ambiguity, mistake, or omission by an amendment; and in so doing, it may resort to the pleadings filed by the parties, the court’s findings of facts and conclusions of law as expressed in the body of the decision.[16]

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