Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Non-accountability of JBC?

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There lies one possible flaw in the system, at least according to certain members of the House: It is all up to the Supreme Court, which unfortunately does not have complete control over the appointment of judges.

In other words, those congressmen are taking note of the absence of accountability on the part of those who appoint the judges. They are the members of the Judicial Bar Council, or the JBC.

For one, the congressmen note that the system allows lawyers to apply directly with the JBC to become judges. Congressmen have found this questionable.

For instance, how does the JBC check the track record of the applicants? Does the JBC have the means to conduct a thorough background check, in the first place? When the JBC recommended judges falter, does the council get the blame?

In other words, there is no accountability on the part of the appointing power.

Now, what can the members of the House—or even the Senate for that matter—do with the JBC and their theory regarding accountability?

The JBC is a constitutional body; it was created by the 1987 Constitution.

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