Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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If you have to go to a different city to take the Bar, you should have been in your hotel room since last night. Hopefully you already did this one, otherwise too late. Why? X-factor. Something random you can’t predict, flat tire, whatever. True story: I convinced my close friends who took the Bar with me to check in two days early. When we checked in, one of them got a smoking room (he was a non-smoker) and they were at capacity – so they couldn’t put him in a different room until the next day. He said it was awful and woke up with a horrible headache. But since he was there a day early, he could shrug it off and still be ready for the Bar.
So make sure you have a full 24 hours to get comfortable before you take the Bar. Plus  it gives you the extra time to find the test site, explore the area, find restaurants, etc.
Don’t use this extra time to study more. It’s too late at this point. There’s nothing you going to magically cram into your brain at this point. There is going to be no sudden “aha!” moment where you finally figure something out. You’re done. Just try and relax as much as you can. Along those lines, stock up on comfort food. Whatever are your goto drinks and snacks, make sure to get plenty of them.  It will make you feel better after the test session.
Speaking of after the test session, don’t discuss it with your friends. No point in second guessing your decisions and obsessing over what’s been done. Just skip the topic all together. Some people go into complete isolation mode and don’t want to interact with anyone – which is fine if you are one of those people. Personally, I still hung out with people I knew, we all just agreed to table any Bar discussion.
Lastly, on the night before your final session, go to a bar and kick back a few beers with your aforementioned law school buddies. It will help relieve some tension. Me and the four other people who did all passed. Seriously, if you’ve taken the time and prepared, you’re likely going to pass. Just go in there and make it happen.
Good luck!
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