Saturday, January 24, 2015

External legal retainer; sample agreement.

“x x x.

            Thank you for communicating the desire of your company to retain our legal services.
We are glad to extend our external legal Retainership for the legal needs of your Company, the xxx Corp
Stated below are the terms and conditions, for your conforme hereunder:

1.        Purpose/Coverage: Legal advice/consultations thru personal meetings, telephone, SMS, email, fax or postal mail.

Contracts for review or for draw up by the law office shall be charged at a discounted fee of fifty per cent (50%) from the normal charges thereof, which depend on the time invested therein by the handling lawyer.

Other operations advise shall also be charged at a 50% discount, compared to the normal charges therefor.

2.       Monthly Retainer Fee and Mode of Payment:  xxx Thousand Pesos (Pxxx/month, to be automatically deposited to our “xxx Bank Account, xxx Branch, xxx City, Current Account Name: xxx, Current Account No. xxx ”, not later than every 15th day of every month, without need of notice/demand therefor.

There shall also be added an additional one-month retainer fee every December of each year that the herein Legal Retainership Agreement is effective.

3.      Period and Renewability:  This Legal Retainership Agreement SHALL CONTINUE TO BE IN EFFECT, WITHOUT NEED OF YEARLY RENEWAL, UNLESS TERMINATED IN WRITING, by either party, within thirty (30) days before the intended termination date.

4.      Meetings Outside the Law Office – A lawyer of the law office who attends a legal meeting outside Las Pinas City and within the cities of Makati, Manila, Pasay, Paranaque or Muntinlupa shall be entitled to an appearance fee of xxx THOUSAND PESOS (Pxxx) per such outside meeting in the said specified cities.

Outside the abovementioned five (5) cities but within Metro Manila, the appearance fee shall be Pxxx.00 per such meeting.

5.      Deposit for Actual Costs. – The client shall maintain a deposit with the law office in the amount of xxx Thousand Pesos (Pxxx) to cover all actual costs of the law office for the client, e.g., paralegal staff time, transportation, meals for field work required by the client, postage, xerox/reproduction, computer printing, fax, long distance calls, mobile phone calls, and other actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the law office as it serves the legal needs of the client.

The said deposit shall be liquidated and reported to the client in writing by the law office for replenishment purposes from time to time when the said deposit is about 50% depleted.

6.      Special Legal Matters or Court Cases. – Specific court cases or special legal missions or assignments in behalf of the client shall be covered by separate special legal retainership agreements, the terms and conditions of which shall be subject to negotiation and agreement by the parties.

Thank you.

X x x.”