Friday, February 5, 2016

Bouncing check law Bp Blg. 22; place where check was deposited is also a proper venue to sue. - GR 198270.pdf

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"Guided by the foregoing pronouncements, there is no denying, therefore, that the court of the place where the check was deposited or presented for encashment can be vested with jurisdiction to try cases involving violations of BP 22. Thus, the fact that the check subject of the instant case was drawn, issued, and delivered in Pampanga does not strip off the Makati MeTC of its jurisdiction over the instant case for it is undisputed that the subject. check was deposited and presented for encashment at the Makati Branch of Equitable PClBank. The MeTC of Makati, therefore, coffectly took cognizance of the instant case and rendered its decision in the proper exercise of its jurisdiction." 

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