Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Denial is a bad fad among our public officials.

DOH denies the presence of zika virus in our country (despite the fact that an American was recently infected here).

AFP denies the presence of ISIS in Mindanao (including "presence by radicalization via the social media").

Presidential and vice presidential bets claim that they pay for the use of corporate airplanes and helicopters during their nationwide sorties. They deny that they receive political donations from corporations. (Corporation Code and Omnibus Election Code prohibit corporate donations for election purposes).

DA claims it merely asked Korina Sanchez to help it distribute checks to program farmer-beneficiaries. It denies that Korina is campaigning for her husband Mar Roxas.

PAGCOR denies that casinos are potential money-laundering conduits (despite the well-researched PDI analytical reports on the matter and despite the fact that the International Financial Task Force threatens to blacklist the PH for the limited coverage of its toothless anti money laundering laws).

Malacanang denies media reports that Gen. Purisima has received P1-B from Pagcor. It challenges protesters to file cases and prove their complaints. Malacanang refuses to initiate an in-house inquiry as an act of good faith. (Congress is closed and the legislators are busy campaigning).

Grace Poe denies using two Social Security numbers while in USA, per a detailed Daily Tribune report. She is contented w/ a verbal denial from her partisan spokesman. Meanwhile, media reports display photos of her beautiful "mansion" in USA (the purchase of which used an allegedly fake SS number for documentation purposes).

And so on and so forth. The list goes on and on. The denials continue....