Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On Grace Poe: Mistakes of the Supreme Court form part of the law of the land -

At the end of the day, numbers rule - whether it is Congress or the SC. 

We disagree with the SC decision declaring the eligibility of Poe to run for president. 

We believe its decision to reverse the Comelec rulings is wrong.

As members of the Bar, though, we have no choice but to respect and accept all SC decisions as part of PH jurisprudence. 

When the MTC, RTC, and CA make mistakes, they are appealable to and reviewable by the SC.

When the SC, as the highest court of the land, makes mistakes, they "form part of the law of the land." 

By legal fiction, the SC is incapable of making mistakes. 

Its mistakes are deemed to be the "correct law of the land."

Its mistakes "form part of the law of the land".

Comelec, et. al. may file their respective motions for reconsideration to give the SC a chance to correct its own mistake in the case of Poe.

The SC will most probably deny such motions.

We'll just have to wait for a future SC to revisit the abovementioned error in an appropriate case.

With due respect, we say that the current "Sereno Court" has failed us.

We are disappointed.

But our love for the rule of law is not weakened.

Jurisprudence, just like politics, changes with the signs of the times.