Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Criminal illegal immigrants/aliens" is a vague and generic term that ICE can loosely interpret with grave abuse of indiscretion.

"Criminal illegal immigrants/aliens" is a vague and generic term that ICE can loosely interpret with grave abuse of indiscretion to include any and all aliens in the USA who have violated US immigration, criminal, civil, administrative, and other state and federal laws, minor or serious in nature. 

This bothers many "non-criminal undocumented and illegal aliens" who are working in the US. Some of them, according to pro bono human rights lawyers, were illegally deprived of their constitutional and human right to counsel upon arrest and detention by ICE agents. 

The term "non-criminal undocumented illegal aliens" may include any and all of the following kinds of aliens:

* Those who entered US "without visas" (undocumented) through a US border, 
* Those staying in the US with "expired visas", 
* Those who have "violated the terms and conditions of their validly issued visas", 
* Those who have failed to comply with the "strict, tedious and costly immigration procedures" to acquire "asylum, refugee and other special kinds of visas", 
* Those who have violated the terms and conditions of their "naturalization", 
* And the like. 

Do not kid yourselves that ICE is arresting only "criminal" undocumented/illegal aliens (which the American public is misled to believe as to include only "felons convicted by final judgments for serious and heinous felonies"). 

The panic is spreading throughout the USA. In due time, Americans will realize the injurious economic, political and foreign policy damage that such an "ethnocentric immigration policy" has caused and will continue to inflict on America itself as a world superpower. 

Like Duterte, the "isolationist, protectionist, and ultra-nationalist policy" of Trump will work against the national interest of America as a world leader. 

It seems to me that America is unnecessarily wasting its precious international political capital as the role model of freedom, democracy, compassion, humanitarianism, and Christian values in the world. 


I have read reports that during the terms of Clinton, Bush and Obama, at least one million [or even more] "criminal and non-criminal undocumented/illegal aliens" were deported. 

The deportation program is not an original Trump invention, although his Duterte-type rhetoric and zeal creates the impression that the protectionist US immigration policy is his cruel creation. 

In the case of Obama he extended a compassionate reprieve from deportation via an executive order to all illegal aliens in the US who had migrated thereto while still innocent minors and who had been reared and educated therein until adulthood (called the "Dreamers") such that they have become true Americans by inculturation but not by legal documentation. 

It seems that Trump has de facto set aside the aforecited compassionate Obama executive order. 

Further, the grave emotional issue of "family disintegration" caused by a cruel and inhumane immigration policy continues to haunt the Bible-reading people of America whose God has taught them to unconditionally love and help all strangers, regardless of creed, race, gender, economic status, education, and worldviews.