Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Militarization of the Duterte bureaucracy

The armed forces chief is the next interior and local government secretary, Duterte announced today. 

There are many retired generals in the Duterte administration, e.g., the national security adviser, the defense secretary, the incoming environment and natural resources secretary, and others. 

Without necessarily imputing anything negative on the persons of the generals currently serving under Duterte, it is relevant to state, by way of academic discussion, that history teaches us that a fascist or authoritarian government is always militarized

Military officers are routinely appointed to sensitive positions in a fascist regime, regardless of the professional education, experience, competence and reputation of the appointees. 

Militarization is the guiding spirit that prevails in a fascist civil service. Not meritocracy.

Militarization of the bureaucracy is the best way to maintain the survival of a fascist regime. 

It is a classic Marcosian tactic. 

It is a tactic that dictators worldwide maximize to the fullest to stabilize their regimes. 

Fascists must insure the blind loyalty of their armed forces. 

A corrupt and unprincipled military is the best tool to instill fear in the hearts of the citizens. 

A mercenary armed force secures the stability of a dictatorship, a revolutionary government, a martial-law regime, or an authoritarian rule disguised as a "state of national emergency". 

Fear is the foundation of all dictatorships

The dark, deadly and inhuman martial law phase of Philippine history under The Dictator Marcos from 1972 to 1986 has taught us that horrific lesson.

The Filipino citizens must work hard to instill in the minds of their soldiers (a) that they have taken an oath to serve to God, Honor, and Country and (b) that, first and foremost, their ultimate loyalty is to the sovereign Filipino people and not to their Commander-in-Chief.