Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What are the issues that hamper Cayetano's confirmation as foreign affairs secretary?

Cayetano is the new foreign secretary, Duterte announced today.

Expect formal protests to be filed in the Commission on Appointments based on questions about his citizenship (the same issue that caused the rejection by the CA of his predecessor Yasay) and felonies related thereto.

His political advantage is that the Duterte coalition rules the HR, the Senate and the CA. Cayetano has the numbers (and long-time friends in the HR and the Senate).

Duterte is expected to exert his power to insure Cayetano's confirmation (in the same way that he worked very hard to insure the confirmation of his fraternity brod Aguirre as justice secretary).

The issues that hamper Cayetano's confirmation refer to:

* his lack of competence in foreign policy, 

* his lack of experience in global security, economic, geopolitical and other strategic issues, 

* his negative partisan image as a hardcore Duterte lackey, 

* his political dynasty in Taguig City, 

* the hidden political control of oligarchs, business tycoons and political benefactors over his person, and 

* his readiness to disregard the truth and the doctrines of constitutional law in defense of Duterte's deadly war on drugs.