Saturday, December 5, 2020

Duterte's economic mismanagement


1. The November 2020 inflation was slightly higher than BSP’s forecast range of 2.4-3.2 percent, driven mainly by higher food inflation, particularly for vegetables, fish, fruits and meat.

2.  The national government's debt reached P10.03 TRILLION at the end of OCTOBER, the Bureau of Treasury said on Friday. This grew by P658.81 billion or 7.03 percent from last month primarily due to external and domestic loan availment.

3. The economy shrank by an average of 10 PERCENT during the FIRST NINE MONTHS OF 2020.

4. DEBT-TO-GDP had been projected to jump to 53.9 PERCENT BY END-2020 —poised to be the HIGHEST SINCE 2006’s 58.8 PERCENT —from a record-low of 39.6 percent in 2019. (INQUIRER)

5. Roy A. Endriga:
"This is the breakdown of the Phil debt of P10Trillion as of Oct 2020. 70% is domestic debt 30% is foreign debt. End of Aquino's term the accumulated debt over the years was P5.948Trillion or an increase of 68% over the 4.5-years period of the Duterte admin. The way things look, the loan might double to P12Trillion by end of his term. Kawawa talaga tayo. Di pa nga naubos ang loan ni Marcos(sa 2025 pa matatapos), heto na naman tayo sa panibagong kalbaryo." 

26. "Among emerging markets, the PHILIPPINES scored the HIGHEST —a seven out of 10 in the think tank’s VULNERABILITY SCORE across 31 metrics, which measured policy offsets, economic and financial imbalances, health-related belief scarring, structure of economy, labor market vulnerability and decline in gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 2020.

Economic managers on Thursday estimated 2020 GDP WOULD SHRINK BY 8.5 to 9.5 PERCENT THIS YEAR in what would be the Philippines’ STEEPEST POST-WAR RECESSION. (Read more: