Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Endless Rebellion


* inequality,
* social injustice,
* elitist democracy,
* feudal landlordism and warlordism,
* government corruption,
* bureaucratic capitalism,
*oligarchic cronyism,
* extreme poverty, homelessness and joblessness,
* weak and corrupt institutions,
* political oppression vs democratic dissent,
* gross human rights violations,
* absence of rule of law,
* disrespect for the Constitution,
* etc.,

the frustrations of the poor and hopeless citizens and victims of social injustice will compel them to look for ALTERNATIVE MODES OF STRUGGLE FOR REFORMS, including protracted Marxist or Islamic revolution.

The entire social, political and economic system that governs our lives as a nation NEEDS FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE AND CULTURAL PARADIGM SHIFT.

AFP's insincere press releases of sympathy are useless. ITS CORRUPT AND TYRANNICAL GENERALS, like the rest of the government bureaucrats, technocrats and functionaries, HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS AND PRINCIPLES to the populist authoritarian DUTERTE and his clique. The sovereign Filipino people CONDEMN these UNPATRIOTIC COWARDS.