Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stephen Kotkin: Sphere of Influence - The Gift of Geopolitics

Why China Cannot Rise Peacefully

Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare - What Happened and Why

The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy - Judge Richard A. Posner

Transformation of Capital Systems [Death Penalty]

Wealth, Poverty, and Politics

Crisis & the Law with Richard Epstein

Natural Law In Ancient and Modern Guise

Mark Blitz on Ancient and Modern Political Philosophy

The Politics of Freedom

Fixing Equality

Fixing Executive Power

The Phony Drug War: How the US Government Deals Drugs

The Science of Cannabis

A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Mark Kleiman on how legalized pot would change America

Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv

Marijuana legalization, potency, and reform

Mark Kleiman: Is marijuana prohibition a broken policy?

Criminal justice reform: Remarks from Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn

America's Prison Population Bomb

The Attack on Marijuana During the 1930s

The Roots of Drug Prohibition in America

Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money

Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money)

Ten Things You Should Know About Socialism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Higher Education in Crisis | Timothy D. Terrell

The Progressive Era and the Rise of Crony Capitalism | Patrick Newman

Government and Big Business | Peter G. Klein

The Case for Privatization — of Everything | Walter Block

Free-Market Medical Care | Timothy D. Terrell

The Economics of War | Matthew McCaffrey

The Curse of Economic Nationalism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Minimum Wage | Mark Thornton

Monetary Policy and Inequality | Karl-Friedrich Israel

The Myths of Market Failure | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Who Bears the Burden of Government Debt? | Robert P. Murphy

The Economics of a Stateless Society | Robert P. Murphy

Environmental and Resource Economics | Timothy D. Terrell

Mises and Rothbard on Ethics | David Gordon

Competition and Monopoly | Peter G. Klein

Free Trade vs. Protectionism | Carmen Dorobăț

The Theory of Interest | Jeffrey M. Herbener

Entrepreneurship | Peter G. Klein

Money | Lucas M. Engelhardt

The Division of Labor and Social Order | Carmen Dorobăț

Praxeology: The Method of Economics | David Gordon

Subjective Value and Market Prices | Jeffrey M. Herbener

Theories of War

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Theories of War




Clausewitz Challeges and Context



Clausewitz Theory of War, Background and Trinity



Theories of War: Thucydides



Mahan and East Asia, Theories of War



Kautilya and the Arthashastr: Lessons in Statecraft



Baron Antonie-Henri Jomini, Theories of War

Chris Hedges: Corporate Totalitarianism: The End Game

Noam Chomsky - Interventionism, Free Trade and Democracy

Corporate Attack on Education

How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful

Noam Chomsky – What principles and values rule the world

Mark Blyth - Why People Vote for Those Who Work Against Their Best Interest

Noam Chomsky - Case Studies in Hypocrisy: US Human Rights Policy

Noam Chomsky - The Contours of World Order and the United Nations

Noam Chomsky on the State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom

Noam Chomsky: Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society

The Waning of Pax Americana - Dr. Conrad Crane

Great Decisions 2018 - China and America: the new geopolitical equation ...