Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lawyer's negligence - 9925.pdf

See - 9925.pdf

"x x x.

We have held that once a lawyer agrees to handle a case, it is that

lawyer's duty to serve the client with competence and diligence.9

Here, it is beyond doubt that respondent breached his duty to serve

complainant with diligence and neglected a legal matter entrusted to him.

He himself admits that the petition for recognition was not filed, seeks

forgiveness from the Court and promises not to repeat his mistake. 10

Complainant also submitted official letters 11 from the Bureau of Immigration

that indeed no such petition was filed. That Anneth Tan supposedly lost the

petition for recognition and failed to inform respondent cannot absolve hi111

of liability for it was his duty not to neglect complainant's case and handle it

with diligence.

We note that while respondent failed to refund immediately the

amount paid by complainant, he nevertheless exerted earnest efforts that he

eventually was able to fully repay complainant and begged complainant's


x x x."