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Advice to a lameduck president | BICOL TODAY

President Benigno S. Aquino III. Photo grab from PNoy facebook page
President Benigno S. Aquino III. Photo grab from PNoy facebook page

By Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.
Pres. Aquino, as a lameduck president whose term of office ends soon, should avoid irresponsible statements that reveal his insensitivity to public opinion if he wants his bet, Mar Roxas, to win in the next election.
We refer to Aquino’s baseless “conspiracy theory” in re: the mass media’s vigilant coverage of the internationally scandalous and painfully never-ending laglag bala/tanim bala scam at the NAIA terminals.
Instead of issuing unfounded statements that insult the intelligence and self-dignity of the Filipino people (his Bosses, as he claims), he should immediately fire DOTC Sec. Abaya (president, Liberal Party), MIAA GM Honrado (his cousin [?]], and the top Avsecom generals for incompetence and for abetting the corrupt and abusive behavior of the OTS, Avsecom and NAIA security personnel.
He should apply the doctrine of command responsibility against these officials.
The aforecited laglag bala/tanim bala scam is aggravated by Aquino’s refusal to listen to the widespread cries of the working masses for the immediate passage of life-saving income tax reforms and for his lack of interest, if not laziness, to give top priority to the speedy enactment of the much-delayed Anti-Political Dynasty Bill and the Freedom of Information Bill (which have been in limbo in the dusty congressional archives since the ratification of the 1987 Constitution).
If Aquino wants to save his neck from future non-bailable criminal cases by reason of his illegal actions in re the unconstitutional DAP/PDAF funds and the bloody Mamasapano Incident (and other potential irregularities that might soon be discovered by the civil society and the media once he leaves his comfortable office at the Malacanang Palace), he should insure that his presidential bet Roxas win the election next year.
Aquino can achieve that dream only if he disciplines his arrogant mind, controls his sharp tongue, observes genuine humility, and exercises wisdom and fairness in his actions, decisions and statements as a lameduck president.
Otherwise, he will suffer the same humiliating fate of the convicted plunderer Erap and the seriously ill GMA, the two most disdained presidents in recent Philippine history.
Aquino must remember that the first law of nature is IMPERMANENCE. Nothing lasts forever. And the second law of nature is KARMA. One reaps what he sows.
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Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.
Prof. of Law, FEU (ret.).
Founder, Las Pinas City Bar Assn
Former VP, IBP PPLM Ch.
Partner, Laserna Cueva-Mercader LAW Offices
3rd Placer, 1984 Bar Exams
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