Thursday, November 5, 2015

Philippine Consular forms; other PH legal forms.

See - Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles

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Note:  All form are in letter size unless specified. 
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2.  Visa Forms
7.  Overseas Voting (OV) Forms

1.  Passport Forms

2.  Visa Forms
a.  Non-Immigrant Visa (Tourist/Business)
b.  Immigrant Visa (13a/13g)
c.  Medical Examination Form - legal size

3.  Notarial and Legalization Forms

4.  Civil Registry Forms

5.  R.A. 9225: Citizenship Retention and Re-Acquisition Forms (Dual Citizenship)
a.  Petition for the Retention and Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship

6.  Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Forms

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