Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Tanim bala"/"laglag bala" scam at NAIA; 10 urgent points/solutions.

First, preventively suspend/relieve from duty the whole DOTC OTS at NAIA while the investigation is being conducted.

Second, overhaul MIAA; fire GM Honrado; remove him from the investigation process.

Third, fire DOTC Sec.Abaya; remove him from the investigation process.

Fourth, repeal GMA's old EO creating the DOTC OTS.

Fifth, return the baggage inspection powers from OTS to MIAA (under a new GM).

Sixth, amend the penalty clause of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act); decriminalize possession of single/double/triple live bullets & anting-anting slugs.

Seventh, overhaul the inhouse security SOP in NAIA terminals, e.g., CCTV cameras distribution, Xray machines screenshot mechanism, transparency in baggage handling.

Eight, appoint a NAIA/MIAA Ombudsman on 24/7 basis.

Ninth, issue a DOJ circular to all inquest fiscals to profile alleged violators and to release them for regular preliminary investigation (i.e., not to inquest them) if their profiles do not fit those of hardcore criminals, e.g. OFW, seniors, PWDs, religious ministers, priests and the like, and others; inquest fiscals should promptly dismiss cases referred by aviation police if evidence warrants. .

Tenth, allow IBP, PAO and other law NGOs to put up free legal aid desks at NAIA terminals to assist the victims.