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The truth about Loida Nicolas Lewis

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If any of them had bothered to do basic research, they would have learned that Loida was already a lawyer when she met Reginald F. Lewis (not “Richard”) on a blind date in New York City in 1968 when he graduated from Harvard Law School, and that they were married a year later in Manila.

They lived in a condo in Manhattan while raising their two daughters with Loida employed as a lawyer for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) while Reginald was working for a top New York law firm. After 15 years as a corporate lawyer, Reginald formed his own venture capital firm in 1983, TLC Group L.P., which he then used to purchase Beatrice International Foods in 1987, which became the first black-owned company to have more than $1 billion in annual sales.

In 1993, Reginald Lewis died of cerebral hemorrhage from brain cancer. A
year later, Loida was picked by the Board of Directors to be the CEO and chair of the board of TLC Beatrice, a post she held until 2000. As CEO, she cut costs and sold non-core and under-perfoming assets, reduced liabilities and strengthened the management team. In October 1995, Loida was named the top US business executive by the National Foundation for Women Business Owners and Working Woman Magazine.

Also, contrary to the misinformation being spread on social media by Duterte supporters, Loida has invested heavily in the Philippines including founding and operating The Lewis College in Sorsogon, which offers quality education in accountancy and business as well as in science and technology, providing scholarships to poor students of her home province of Sorsogon.

Activists hold a candle light vigil for victims of the extra judicial killings in the drug war of the government in front of a church in Manila on September 16, 2016. The Philippines faced calls September 16 to investigate its firebrand president after a self-confessed hitman alleged Rodrigo Duterte ordered a thousand opponents and suspected criminals murdered when he was a city mayor.

Filipino activists protesting extrajudicial killings supported by the Duterte administration. AFP/Getty Images

As chair of US Pinoys for Good Governance, Loida Nicolas Lewis, a dual citizen of the US and the Philippines, has also championed the cause of Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea leading global protests against the Chinese invasion in Philippine territorial waters. She has called for a global boycott of goods made in China making her “China’s Public Enemy #1.”

The malicious attacks on Loida Nicolas Lewis by Duterte on November 4 were not aimed at just silencing Loida but were directed at discouraging Filipino Americans from joining protest demonstrations against his administration.

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