Friday, January 29, 2016

Family conference to settle estate/inheritance disputes among heirs; sample letter to all heirs requesting a family conference

January 11, 12016


1.       Xxx
Block xxx, Lot xxx, xxx St., xxx, xxx City

2.      xxxx

3.      xxx

4.      xxx
Block xxx, Lot xxx, xxx St., xxx, xxx City

Subject:                   INVITATON TO FAMILY CONFERENCE.


            As the oldest child and co-heir of our deceased parents xxx and xxx, I respectfully request an urgent FAMILY CONFERENCE be held on January 16, 2016, Saturday, at 2:00 PM at our old ancestral house located at Block xxx, Lot xxx, xxx St., xxx, xxx City to discuss the following Agenda:

1.       Estate Taxes payable to Bureau of Internal Revenue;
2.      Local Real Estate Taxes (“amelyar”) payable to Makati City Assessor;
3.      Subdivision Plan;
4.      Hiring of Surveyor (geodetic engineer);
5.      Compromise Agreement on Other Expenses
Advanced and Paid by the undersigned x x x.

         I hereby appoint my son xxx to assist all of us as the Secretary of the said Family Conference to prepare the MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE FAMILY CONFERENCE.

        Please text me to confirm your presence. My mobile number is xxx.

       Thank you.

Oldest Child/Oldest Co-Heir

Cc:       xxx
            Appointed Secretary of the Family Conference