Monday, January 25, 2016

Sample Affidavit for Purposes of Police and/or Barangay Blotter

(For Purposes Of Police Blotter)

            I, xxx, of legal age, single, Filipina, and residing at B xxx, L xx, xxx, Phase “xxx”, xxx, xxx, xxx, under oath, depose:

1.       I am a trustee of my principal xxx, who is engaged in lending business.

2.      On June 18, 2015, xxxx, a Filipina married to a xxx national named xxx, borrowed the amount of P900,000.00 from my said Principal, thru my assistance and intervention as trustee of the said lender, which was supposed to be paid within six (6) months from release of the loan on June 18, 2015.

The said borrower needed the money to travel to xxx.

She executed a deed of real estate mortgage over her property located Bxxx, Lxxx, xxx, Phase xxx, xxx, Barangay xxx, xxx, , covered by TCT No. xxx issued on March 2, 2010, in the name of the developer xxx xxx CORP.

The Title is still in the name of the said developer.

The said borrower authorized me to process the transfer of the said Title in her name before the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Register of Deeds, and other relevant agencies.

3.      The said borrower xxx failed to settle her obligation.

She has not paid a single monthly amortization for the principal loan.

4.      From June 2015 up to the present time, I have been personally negotiating with the mother of the said borrower in the person of xxx (married to xxx) at residence of the borrower at B xxx, L xxx, xxx, Phase xxx, xxx, Barangay xxx, xxx, xxx, to assist me in reminding the borrower (her daughter) to settle her obligation.

As of now, the said borrower is still in xxx and has not made any concrete effort to settle her loan.

5.      Sometime before Christmas of December 2015 and up to January 13, 2016, or thereabout, a man who refused to identify his name and who claimed he was a brother of the said borrower, has been pestering, harassing, threatening and intimidating me by angrily stating over the phone:

(a)              That he was a policeman connected with the PNP CIDG;

(b)              By uttering the following words to me thru my the cellphone:

·         “Guguluhin kita!”;
·         “Alam ko na kung saan ka nakatira!”
·         “Pupuntahan ka na namin!”
·         “Ready na mga tao namin!”
·         “Papadampot kita!”
·         “Idedemanda kita ng estafa!”
·         “Putang ina mo!” (many times).
·         “Mangloloko ka!”

6.      The said man, who claims to be a brother of the said borrower and who refuses to state his name, used different cellphone numbers/SIMs to hide his identity and contact details.

He demanded that I give him copies of the loan documents.

I told him to see me at my house on January 16, 2016, Saturday, at 10:00 AM so we could go to see my said Principal to discuss the unpaid loan of her sister.

But the said unidentified man who claims to be a brother of the said borrower did not appear during the said meeting.

7.      I am executing this affidavit for purposes of registering a police report/blotter in the PNP Police Station of xxx, xxx, where I reside, for my protection.

xxx, xxx, January 16, 2016.

ID Details: xxx

      SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me in xxx, xxx on January ____, 2016, affiant showing her official ID as stated above.

                                                                              Notary Public

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Page No. ____
Book No. ___
Series of 2016.