Thursday, January 7, 2016

Presumption of innocence; proof beyond reasonable doubt.

G.R. No. 200877 November 12, 2014
CHARVE JOHN LAGAHIT, Accused-Appellant.

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The right of the accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is guaranteed under Section 14(2), Article III (Bill of Rights) of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. This fundamental right of the accused is also embodied under Section 2, Rule 133 of the Rules of Court,17 which specifically states that "in a criminal case, the accused is entitled to an acquittal, unless his guilt is proved beyond reasonable doubt. Proof beyond reasonable doubt does not mean such a degree of proof, excluding possibility of error, produces absolute certainty. Only moral certainty is required, or that degree of proof which produces conviction in an unprejudiced mind."

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