Monday, May 18, 2015

DOH rules on doctor-pharma dealings eyed | Sun.Star

See - DOH rules on doctor-pharma dealings eyed | Sun.Star

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TWO of the country's biggest medical groups are pushing for guidelines that will help police the business dealings between medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.
In a statement, Philippine College of Physicians president Dr. Anthony Leachon said they are hoping that the Department of Health (DOH) will soon issue rules that will help monitor the practices of medical professionals.
“We should hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards within the practice of medicine,” said Leachon.
He said PCP and the Philippine Medical Association have already helped the DOH draft an administrative order that will adopt The Mexico City Principles for Voluntary Code of Business Ethics in the Biopharmaceutical Sector and The Kuala Lumpur Principles: Medical Device Sector Code of Ethics.
The draft order also aims to provide strict implementation of the guidelines and provide corresponding sanctions in a timely manner to any violation of its provisions.
While waiting for the government's intervention, PCC and PMA forged a Memorandum of Cooperation, where they committed to uphold the professional and ethical standards in dealing with pharmaceutical industry.
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