Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Check Land Titles in the Philippines and Spot Fake Ones in 30 Seconds

See - How to Check Land Titles in the Philippines and Spot Fake Ones in 30 Seconds

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Ms. Ruby Valdez, one of the land registration examiners from the Land Registration Authority of the Philippines, shares with us these items which you can check for in 30 seconds or less.


The papers used for authentic land titles in the Philippines are supplied by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. These papers are physically unique from all other kinds of papers that you can buy from stores. Here are the things you should look for:
  1. The texture is similar to that of a bank check
  2. It has a faint watermark that says “LRA
  3. If it’s an old title (before the newer e-Titles being used today), the color of the paper is light yellow.
  4. If it’s an e-Title, the color should be pale straw.
  5. Tiny fibers and dots should be noticeable
  6. And if you could use a UV light, these fibers should fluoresce or shine slightly when subjected to UV light.


Below are the items you should look for in the contents of the title you are checking:
  1. If it’s an Original Certificate of Title (OCT), it should indicate “Judicial Form No. 108-D” at the top.
  2. If it’s a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), it should indicate “Judicial Form No. 109-D
  3. The serial number label (SN No.) should be in red color, while the digits should be in black for the owner’s duplicate.
  4. The last two digits of the page number in the upper right hand side should correspond to the last two digits of the TCT number.
  5. The red/blue border should be slightly embossed and not flatly printed.
  6. For e-Titles, all entries should be computer encoded and printed, unlike the old versions which were manually type-written
  7. The seal on the lower left hand side should be dark red and does not blot when a litle water check is done.
  8. Signatures:
    for Judicial OCT, it should have 2 signatures present – the Administrator and the Registrar; while for TCT, only the signature of the Registrar is present.
    For Administrative Titles: one signature from aPENRO or CENRO officer and another from the registrar."