Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Asean legal systems must be harmonized.

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The Deputy Minister, however, noted that there are a lot of challenges in the harmonisation of the 10 ASEAN member countries’ legal system as they are diverse and different in the level of development.

In addition, the system of ASEAN international treaties is complicated with a large volume of treaties among member countries and between ASEAN and external partners, he added.

According to Ngoc, the ASEAN member states have signed a number of international treaties such as the ASEAN Chapter in 2007, the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement in 2009, the ASEAN Protocol on Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism in 2010, and the ASEAN Agreement on the Movement of Natural Persons in 2013.

Nevertheless, 28 out of the 41 reviewed international treaties focus on trade and economy, which means other spheres of the Political-Security Community and Socio-Cultural Community have yet received due attention, he noted.

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