Monday, December 28, 2015

Prelude to a Duterte Constitutional Dictatorship.

Duterte entices Mindanao voters by proposing Federalism.

Filipino thinkers are open to the idea of examining the Federalism idea, without necessarily saying that they support Duterte.

Duterte’s idea requires a revision of the 1987 Constitution.

Please note that Duterte pushes for Constitutional Dictatorship as his preferred political system.

Duterte brags that he will abolish Congress.

His flirtation with Constitutional Dictatorship should be rejected by Filipinos.

It is undemocratic and unrepublican.

Its aim is to perpetuate Duterte and his political clique in power.

Duterte is the reincarnation of The Dictator Marcos.

Marcos fooled the Filipinos in the 1970s by exploiting “peace and order” and a “New Society” as urgent social issues requiring a “strong leader.”

They served as the sweet pretexts of Marcos to:

• A Supreme Court-blessed Dictatorship;

• The establishment of an authoritarian and presidency-tilted Unitary Parliamentary Form of Government (1973 Constitution); and

• The adoption of the totalitarian 6th Amendment in the 1973 Constitution (which granted Marcos, as head of state/president, full legislative powers);

Once a Constituent Assembly (Congress) or a Constitutional Convention is called, nothing prevents it from overhauling the entire 1987 Constitution.

It is a very risky prelude to a Duterte Constitutional Dictatorship.

That was how his model and idol, The Dictator Marcos, destroyed Philippine Democracy in the 1970s.

Our dark history will repeat itself if we ignore the past.

We will destroy Philippine Democracy if we allow ourselves to be fooled by this rabble-rouser and publicity-hungry demagogue and impostor from Davao named Duterte.