Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I pray to God to save the PH from frauds and pretenders like Duterte, Binay, Bongbong, and the like.

I don't believe Duterte is morally, psychologically and intellectually fit to be PH president.

I reject his impossible vow that he can solve PH crimes in 3-6 months.

It is a patent campaign lie intended to lure the votes of the ignorant.

As to his alleged sincerity as a leader, his Davao City political dynasty is not a good credential.

As to his knowledge of economics and public finance, he has no economic and public finance experience/tract record to show to the intelligent Filipino voters.

He has no economic platform that is well supported by established facts, statistics, fair assumptions, and concrete plans.

All his campaign statements were gutter jokes, sex jokes, kill threats, and the like -- except for tidbits of promises of projects here and there that vary from place to place depending on the gullibility of his target audience, e.g. railways for Mindanao and Bicol to be funded by China (in exchange for surrendering our West PH Sea EEZ claims/arbitration case) .

Running a semi-rural city in Mindanao is different from running a country of 100 million citizens.

It is different from dealing with respected and noble sovereign heads of states, complex world economic and financial bodies, sensitive regional and world security alliances, and the like.

It is easy to be a Mindanao mayor especially when one's subordinates and constituents are sycophants who do not question him because of ignorance and fear.

He claims Davao is crime-free.

No, it is no. 4 in crime incidence in the PH.

If Duterte (or Binay) becomes president or if Bongbong (Duterte’s friend) becomes vice president, God forbid, many right-thinking Filipinos will be forced to migrate abroad.

In that grim scenario, the PH will retrograde into darkness.

Many Filipino migrants abroad are misled.

It is very convenient on the part of a migrant Filipino who has abandoned his native country by becoming a naturalized citizen abroad to be a wheelchair critic-analyst of PH society.

His being removed from the sufferings of the Filipinos in the front lines of PH socio-political realities numbs his reason.

I respect the opinion of the misguided Duterte flock, no matter how much I disagree with the fitness, qualifications, sincerity and statesmanship of their maverick and hot-headed idol.

Some of them are friends of mine.

I pray to God to save the PH from frauds and pretenders like Duterte, Binay, Bongbong, and the like.

- Atty. M. J. Laserna Jr.
Las Pinas City, PH