Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The violent genes of Duterte - Law student Duterte shot frat brod on campus in ’72 | Inquirer News

A Fraternity is an institution of unity, mutual support/protection, service, and academic excellence. 

Not so in the case of Duterte as a law student. 

He admits that in 1972 he shot a frat brod. 

Both belonged to the Lex Talionis fraternity, San Beda College of Law,Manila. 

The injured brod was Octavio Goco. 

Duterte's violent pattern of behavior has been very consistent since his youth. 

Now, at age 70, the violent genes continue to flow in his old and sickly veins.

If and when he wields the power of the presidency (God forbid!), who will control him? 

Duterte himself cannot control his own violent mind.

Neither can his own children (who inherited his violent genes), his common-law wife, and his ex-wife.

Violence and hate rule his mind, heart and consciousness.

A violent president will produce a violent military and police.

He will mold a violent citizenry.

He will produce a violent country.

He will render meaningless our freedom, democracy and republicanism.

He will institutionalize a culture of impunity, indoctrination, regimentation, and totalitarianism.

But Duterte is in error if he thinks such an abnormal state will last forever.

When the sufferings of the people cannot anymore be contained, things will naturally explode.

His violent presidency will end in shame and pain.

As in the case of The Dictator Marcos, his idol.

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