Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Did President Rodrigo Duterte just confess to being drug dependent? -

Veteran journalist Raissa Robles discusses the various chronic diseases of Duterte that possibly make him drug dependent on Fentanyl, a "synthetic opioid". Read the full text of her article.

"The question is, how dependent is President Duterte on Fentanyl? Can he function without it or does he always need it?"


With all his serious chronic diseases for many years now, no wonder Duterte always proclaims the possibility that he might not finish his 6-year term of office, insinuating that, in light of all the massive chronic pains he lives with, he is ready to die at any time to escape from such physical pains.

His suicidal instinct inspires him to ignore the reasons for widespread rumors of a coup, ouster, revolution, or assassination, He does not care to study the necessary reforms needed by his unstable administration to alleviate the growing frustrations of the people.

His serious chronic pains and possible addiction to synthetic opioid (characterizing him as a "drug dependent") seriously affect his mental stability and the soundness and wisdom of his speeches, policies, ideas, plans, actions, decisions, management style, and many other aspects of his mortal existence and political leadership, foremost among which are:

* his deadly war on drugs (kill rate: 6,000 within five-month period worse than Marcos' martial law kill rate of 3,500 within fourteen years, 1972-1986),
* policy of isolationism and antagonism in foreign policy, 
* sudden shift from the Democracy (US, UN, EU) to Communism (China, Russia) in alliances,
* disrespect for the rule of law (threats to kill human rights defenders and lawyers),
* disrespect for the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, 
* disrespect for ethical and accountability standards for public officials,
* leadership based on political and personal vendetta and character assassination (e.g., his hatred for De Lima and similar critics), 
* baseless "name and shame" tactic,
* a behavior befitting an uncivilized feudal warlord of a violent region reminiscent of the Dark Ages,
* neglect of national economic policies and programs,
* unconstitutional and violent Operation Tokhang,
* failure to accept the world standard that that drug abuse is a "public health issue", not simply a criminality issue that requires imprisonment or death as remedies,
* inveterate gross inconsistency, amounting to bad faith and dishonesty, in his policy pronouncements,
* antagonism towards world organizations,e.g., UN, OHCHR, et al,
* abetting the wrongful deeds of murderous and corrupt police officials, like Region 8 CIDG Chief Supt. Marcos (whose group killed Mayor Espinosa, with the subsequent ratification and support of Duterte),
* failure to cause the serious investigation of extrajudicial killings,
* state policy that expressly promotes a culture of death and impunity,
* disrespect for reporters and the freedom of the press,
* de facto sexual harassment of the lady vice president,
* disrespect for women's rights,
* disrespect for world opinion that condemns his horrendous human rights violations
* and many others.