Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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CNN Philippines 13/12
There have been 5,927 deaths linked to the "war on drugs" in the Philippines since July 1according to statistics released by the national police on Monday.

Business World Online 13/12
President Rodrigo R. Duterte reaffirmed avowed goals in his presidency of fighting “graft and corruption, drugs, and criminality.”

ABS CBN News 12/12
With a 12-6-1 vote, the House of Representatives justice committee approved the proposal to reinstate death penalty advancing it to the lower plenary of the House.
Buhay Party-list Representative Lito Atienza said the death penalty has been proven over time to be ineffective in curbing crime because of the corrupt justice system in the country.

Cebu Daily News 12/12
About five months since the administration launched its relentless campaign against illegal drugs, 16 out of 1,066 barangays in Cebu province have declared themselves as “drug-free.”

Inquirer 12/12
Mr. Duterte said the extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the country would only stop if people involved in the narcotics trade would refrain from their illicit activities.

The New York Times 10/12
In the name of eliminating drug crime, President Duterte has plunged the Philippines into a nightmare of brutal slaughter. The police say that since July 1, they have killed more than 2,000 people suspected of drug-related crimes. In addition, more than 3,500 homicides remain unsolved, many at the hands of unknown vigilantes.

FMT News 10/12
Philippine senators have criticised the way President Rodrigo Duterte is carrying out his anti-narcotics campaign, saying it should be done within the bounds of the law and he must punish erring police officers.

ABS CBN News 10/12
Hundreds of Filipinos marked Human Rights Day on Saturday with street protests against the Duterte administration's bloody war against illegal drugs.

The Financial Express 10/12
President Rodrigo Duterte, rattled by criticism over extra-judicial killings in the war on drugs, questions American moralising and ambivalence in Asia-Pacific.

The Borneo Post 09/12
The deaths look certain to continue with Duterte saying in September he would be “happy to slaughter” three million addicts and repeatedly vowing no let-up until the illegal drug trade has been eliminated.

Phil Star 09/12
In its latest statistics, the PNP said from July 1 to Dec. 3, under Project Double Barrel Alpha recorded a total of 2,028 suspected drug pushers were killed and 38,999 others were arrested in 37,626 anti-drug operations conducted nationwide. 

Inquirer 09/12
The President noted the difficulties of securing the conviction of drug suspects because they are able to hire good lawyers.

Phil Star 09/12
Associate Justice Marvic Leonen said impunity in the conduct of the war on illegal drugs has left a trail of abuses by law enforcers and vigilante groups.

CNN Philippines 08/12
President Rodrigo Duterte repeats his call for the military to step in and help him out with his war against illegal drugs.

Inquirer 07/12
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in an open letter, has warned the Philippine government that it will violate an international agreement by restoring the death penalty.

New York Times 07/12
A photojournalist documents 57 homicides over 35 days in the Philippines.

Aljazeera 07/12
President Duterte says he's willing to go to jail for policemen accused of "rubbing out" a drug-linked mayor.

Inquirer 07/12
Vice President Leni Robredo’s criticism of the President’s war on drugs and the grant of a hero’s burial to Ferdinand Marcos has made her stay in the Cabinet untenable.

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