Saturday, December 17, 2016

Duterte, the self-confessed murderer, denies and retracts.

The other day Duterte publicly confessed that when he was city mayor of Davao he had killed many criminal suspects and that he had gone around the city at night to patrol and look for criminal suspects to kill to inspire his policemen.

(His captive audience of rich and educated Filipino businessmen stood up, laughed aloud, and clapped their hands in praise of his self-confessed brutality and criminality).

The world condemned him. Even the homeless and the taxi drivers in New York hated him for that, according to a journalist Fil-Am friend of mine, Manuel Caballero, based in the East Coast.

Today, true to his tactics of "confuse the enemy", "be vague", and "confession and avoidance", Duterte claimed that he had killed only three hostage takers in flagrante delicto (in the act of committing a crime) in Davao, but no extra-judicial killings (EJK).

The self-serving denial and retraction of this self-confessed murderer, who hallucinates to be a modern day Philippine warrior-monarch, has no moral and probative value whatsoever.

Never believe a single word that emanates from the foul and coarse mouth of a congenitally inconsistent liar, a machiavellian manipulator, and a verified narcissistic husband, all rolled into one in the ungodly person of Duterte, whose heroes are the dictator Marcos, the fascist mass murderer Hitler (remember the Holocaust?), and the autocrats Putin and Xi of the Communist World.

Pray instead for the swift imposition on Duterte and his hatchet men and enforcers of their appropriate individual ad collective karmic punishments by God, Nature, the Universe, the Sovereign Filipino People, and the world community through the United Nations (UN) and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Duterte's heinous crime against humanity of causing the death of six thousand (and counting) helpless and poor drug "suspects" without "due process of law" and "equal protection of the law" as mandated by the Bill of Rights of the 1987 Constitution has left behind thousands of bereaved, jobless, hungry and hopeless widows and orphans.

The Dictator Marcos caused the death of three thousand five hundred victims during his brutal fourteen-year martial law regime.

Duterte has easily overtaken that abominable record within a very short span of five months from assumption to office by causing the death of six thousand victims under his unconstitutional "Operation Tokhang" and the vigilante murders that it continues to wickedly inspire to this very day.
Gullible and ignorant Filipinos, who have taken a detestable oath of perpetual loyalty to Duterte and who are now appropriately called the "Dutertards", loudly praise and glorify him in the media for the continuing atrocity of his repressive "war on drugs" and other hideous policies.

Hitler is reborn in the Philippines.

Our nation is doomed unless Duterte is soonest ousted from power by the Sovereign Filipino People in the exercise of their inherent and natural right to "self-determination".

Duterte should be punished for his tyranny and for his gross violation of his "social contract" with the Sovereign Filipino People.