Friday, December 16, 2016

Why did Duterte waste the rare chance to be heard by the United Nations?

Yasay claims that the UN rapporteur Callamard has allegedly prejudged the human rights situation in the Philippines under Duterte.

If so, why did Duterte reject her proposed visit which was precisely intended to clarify and verify the truth?

Why did Duterte waste the rare chance to be heard?

The truth is that Duterte fears the great possibility of a full discovery by the UN rapporteur of the real extent of extrajudicial and summary killings in the country (the state of which is worse than what appears in the mainstream media).

If Duterte respects the constitutional principles of transparency, accountability and good governance (Art. XI, 1987 Constitution), he should freely accept all requests from UN agencies to visit the Philippines to conduct the appropriate inquiries and consultations and to provide the necessary legal and technical advice and assistance.

Duterte's antagonistic attempt to cover up his blatant human rights violations and his isolationist attitude vis-a-vis the United Nations and other world institutions strengthen his creeping totalitarianism to the grave detriment of the sovereign Filipino people.

Tyrants, like Duterte (and his idol The Dictator Marcos), live a life of deceit, secrecy, violence, abuse, and corruption.