Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How credible are the Operation Tokhang statistics?

See - (95) How credible are the Operation Tokhang... - Manuel Laserna Jr.

Bato has alleged the following Operation Tokhang accomplishments as of December 26, 2016:

(1) There were 1.8 million drug users and pushers based on the 2010 data by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB).

(Note however that Duterte uses the exaggerated figure of 4,000,000 drug suspects [not 1,800,000 as per official DDB statistics]).

(2) A total of 983,232 suspected pushers and users allegedly “surrendered”.

(3) A total of 42,543 were allegedly “arrested” between July and Dec. 27.

(4) A total of 2,157 were allegedly “killed” during police operations (i..e, killed because the suspects were “nanlaban” [the usual police script]).

(5) A total of 3,000 were victims of extrajudicial killings.

(6) A total of 890 kilograms of methamphetamine have been seized with a street value of around 6 billion pesos ($121 million dollars).

By way of a commentary, may I reproduce my post on December 19, which is relevant to the foregoing report of Bato, to wit:

“x x x.

There are so many vital questions that remain unanswered by the Duterte regime. Its obsessive-compulsive focus is "police operations". ---

Last July, Bato and his PNP communicators reported that under his Project "Tokhang" 120,038 individuals had surrendered: 112,902 drug users; 7,107 drug pushers (see ABS CBN news website).

To this day, the Duterte regime has failed or refused to report on the updated status of the following important matters;

(1) How many have been processed for "voluntary drug rehabilitation" in accredited private rehabilitation centers and in public DOH-supervised rehabilitation centers?

* What is their status?
* What financial assistance have been given to those confined in private centers?

(2) How many have been assisted by the DSWD in terms of "counselling and pro-poor socioeconomic benefits"?

(3) How many have been "trained for livelihood" purposes?

(4) How many have been referred to and assisted by the DOH for "physical and medical examination, hospitalization and provision for maintenance medicine".

(5) How many have been assisted by DepEd, CHED and TESDA to revive their "regular or vocational education"?

(6) How many have been referred to the DOJ for "criminal investigation and indictment"?

(7) How many have been provided "free legal aid by the PAO, IBP, and voluntary bar associations"?

(8) Has the regime coordinated with the Supreme Court on the status of their "pending criminal cases" in the trial courts and on how the adjudication thereof could be given top priority by the Judiciary, the DOJ, and the PAO (the three vital pillars of the criminal justice system)?

(9) How many have been "detained" and "under detention"?

* How many are "on bail"?
* What is the status of the trial of their cases?
* How many have been "convicted"?
* How many are on "probation"?

(10) What assistance from the UN, Asean, Caritas, and other world charitable and humanitarian institutions have been sought to support the needs of the surrenderers?

There are so many vital questions that remain unanswered by the Duterte regime. Its obsessive-compulsive focus is "police operations".

Aside from trite speeches of Duterte, which are notorious for "putang ina", "fuck you", "bullshit", and "go to hell" cusses, the Filipinos are not educated on the true state of the management of his (brutal, deadly and unconstitutional) war on drugs.

Its accomplishment so far: six thousand dead drug "suspects" (and counting).

X x x.”