Friday, December 30, 2016

Duterte thinks he is our infallible monarch and anointed Messiah

Duterte castigates the sovereign Filipino people, "It's not a problem actually. If you cannot understand me...The entire Filipino nation, kayo ang may problema." 

As head of state and government Duterte hallucinates that he is our infallible monarch.

His totalitarian belief is that it is the duty of the sovereign Filipino people to adjust to him, to understand him, to serve him, and to please him as the anointed Messiah.

To hell with the constitutional doctrine that “the Philippines is a democratic and republican State”, that “sovereignty resides in the people”, and that “all governmental authority emanates from them”. (Section 1, Article II, 1987 Constitution).

To hell, too, with the constitutional doctrine that the prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people”. (Section 4, Id.).