Saturday, January 7, 2017

Clarificatory statement from Pasay City MeTC Judge Eliza B. Yu re her alleged dismissal from the Judiciary

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from: Judge Eliza B. Yu
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cc: SC Public Information Office
date: Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 2:02 PM
subject: Fw: Public Misinformation of Pending Administrative Cases
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“x x x.

On Saturday, January 7, 2017 1:47 PM, Judge Eliza B. Yu wrote:

May I appeal to your newspapers to correct the public misinformation about my pending administrative cases.

I as a respondent Judge won miraculously 30 charges out of 36 charges in record-breaking 9 administrative cases including the violation of Article 231 of the Revised Penal Code with 6 years imprisonment filed by 4 judges and 70 court employees.

I lost 6 charges because my answers with legal bases were unintentionally omitted from the Decision due to numerous charges that I appealed on December 27, 2016 after I received the Decision on December 24, 2016.

From December 28, 2016 until now, I was subjected to massive smear campaigns by paid national print media and social media that happened also in 2014.

These administrative cases are still pending for resolution by the Supreme Court so the paid newspapers breached the sub judice rule.

It's not true that I was accused with sexual harassment, the news reports about it are false.

I complained to God about the smear campaigns because I am not a politician, I am only a powerless lowly-ranked trial court Judge.

My clean conscience in all the fabricated administrative cases shielded me from the smear campaigns.

I am not affected at all about the paid public defamation against me.

The unauthorized publication of my pretty old picture at Philippine Star may cost P100, 000, more than a month's salary of a trial court judge.

If libel against me circulated money that helped journalism industry and Philippine economy, I do not object to it at all because everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion in the marketplace of ideas. "Today's news is tomorrow's chip paper."

Thank you.

My online profile (please click the link below) appeared in my law books Fundamentals of the 1987 Philippine Constitution; Volume 1 and Volume 2 published by Centralbooks. Rex bookstore approved to sell my law books last year.

X x x.”

Judge Eliza B. Yu, LLM, DCL

x x x.

As a legal scholar, she graduated cum laude for her doctorate degree at the University of Santo Tomas in 2011 after receiving the Achiever's Award as a Presiding Judge in 2010.

She became the youngest Criminal Law Reviewer and Remedial Law Reviewer of the Philippines in 2011.

She was a 4th placer in the 12th PHILJA Pre-judicature Written Exams with a grade of 88% in 2007.

As a legal writer, she authored thirty – two (32) legal articles published by The Lawyers Review with National and International Subscription.

As a law book author, Centralbooks published her twelve (12) law books namely Fundamentals of the 1987 Philippine Constitution: Volume 1 and Volume 2, Conspectus of Civil Procedure, Evidence, The Basics of Criminal Procedure, Summary Procedure from the Bench, Criminal Quester & Reviewer, Compendium of Legal Treatises 1, Compendium of Legal Treatises 2, So You Want to Sue a Judge? The Philippine New Code of Judicial Conduct of 2004, Actions on Recovery of Possessions and A Primer on Barangay Justice with ADR Law within a span of 6 years.

x x x.

In 2003, she was the youngest public attorney in the Philippines to handle heinous crime court in Manila City. She acquitted over 100 detention prisoners in drugs courts after the prosecution rested the cases in 2 years.

In 2007, she was the youngest Manila Public Prosecutor at the time of appointment. As an investigating prosecutor, she mediated over 50 cases resulting to dismissal of cases during the preliminary investigation in 2 years. She convicted over 100 accused involving petty crimes in 2 years. She has no pending case for resolution from the start of her employment in the Office of the City Prosecutor of Manila City under the Department of Justice until her transfer to the judiciary.

In 2010, she was the youngest METC Judge at the time of the appointment.

As an incumbent METC Judge, she is a record holder of the most number of disposed criminal and civil cases totaling to 1,549 within a year without a branch clerk of court and a legal researcher in the Philippines from April, 2010 to April, 2011.

X x x.”