Friday, January 6, 2017

Supreme Court suspended for one year Atty. Roberto “Argee” C. Guevarra for insulting Dr. Victoria “Vicki” Belo-Henares

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“A punctilious scrutiny of the Facebook remarks complained of disclosed that they were ostensibly made with malice tending to insult and tarnish the reputation of complainant and her clinic,” said the court.

“Calling complainant a ‘quack doctor, ‘Reyna ng Kaplastikan,’ ‘Reyna ng Payola,’ and ‘Reyna ng Kapalpakan,’ and insinuating that she has been bribing people to destroy respondent smacks of bad faith and reveals an intention to besmirch the name and reputation of complainant, as well as Belo Medical Group Inc. (BMGI),” the high court said.

The court found that Guevarra also ascribed criminal negligence to the Belo-Henares and BMGI by posting on his Facebook account that complainant disfigured (“binaboy”) his client Norcio, labeling BMGI a “Frankenstein Factory” and calling out a boycott of BMGI’s services—all these despite the pendency of the criminal cases that Norcio had already filed against Belo-Henares.

“By posting the subject remarks on Facebook directed at complainant and BMGI, respondent disregarded the fact that, as a lawyer, he is bound to observe proper decorum at all times, be it in his public or private life,” lamented the court. “Instead, he acted inappropriately and rudely; he used words unbecoming of an officer of the law, and conducted himself in an aggressive way by hurling insults and maligning complainant’s and BMGI’s reputation.”

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