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IN NUMBERS: The Philippines' 'war on drugs' - 7,028 total number of people killed in #WarOnDrugs since July 1, 2016...and counting...

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From July 1, 2016 to January 22, 2017, there have been over 7,000 deaths linked to the "war on drugs" – both from legitimate police operations and vigilante-style or unexplained killings (including deaths under investigation).

Here are the latest numbers based on revised data from the Philippine National Police (PNP). This page will be updated regularly.

Death toll

7,028 total number of people killed in #WarOnDrugs since July 1, 2016

2,503 suspected drug personalities killed in police operations, as of January 22, 2017

3,603 victims in cases of deaths under investigation, as of January 9, 2017

922 victims in cases where investigation has concluded, as of January 9, 2017

As of 6 am of September 14, the number of suspects killed in police operations reached 1,506. But during a Senate probe on extrajudicial killings that day, PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa said that after validation by its Directorate for Operations, the figure was corrected to only 1,105 deaths.

'Double Barrel' and 'TokHang'

The PNP calls its campaign against illegal drugs "Oplan Double Barrel." (READ: Warning to drug dealers: PNP has 'double barrel' plan)

Meanwhile, Project "TokHang" – a contraction of "toktok" and "hangyo" (Visayan words for "knock" and "request" respectively) – refers to the strategy of the police nationwide to go house-to-house in their jurisdictions and convince known drug pushers and users to surrender and change their ways.

On October 26, the PNP launched Phase 2 of Oplan Double Barrel. After this, the statistics that the PNP started sending to media were "reset" to zero. For this purpose, figures from Phase 2 of Oplan Double Barrel were added to the final figures of Phase 1 as of October 26.

But on November 2, the PNP returned to its cumulative count.

Data below is as of January 22, 2017, 6 am.

42,607 number of police operations conducted

51,547 drug personalities arrested

6,719,603  houses visited via Project Tokhang

1,171,433 total number of surrenderers in Project Tokhang

- 79,224 pushers
- 1,092,209 users

EJKs, deaths under investigation

The PNP also records reports of extrajudicial, vigilante-style, or unexplained killings. Many of these cases are still being investigated by the police.

Data below is as of January 9, 2017.

4,146 number of murder cases outside police operations

3,271 number of cases/incidents of deaths under investigation

875 number of cases/incidents with investigation concluded; among these:

- 543 are w/ suspects arrested
- 332 are w/ suspects at large

Police, military casualties

Revised data below is as of January 21, 2017.

35 police personnel killed during operations
(including 13 for validation)

3 AFP personnel killed in action

83 police personnel wounded during operations
(including 10 for validation)

8 AFP personnel wounded in action

As of October 15, the number of policemen killed during operations stood at 13, while there were 40 wounded.

On October 19, deaths among police personnel rose to 15, while the number of wounded was revised to 36 after validation. The PNP broke down the casualties between drug-related and non-drug-related incidents, then reported only the drug-related casualties afterwards (7 dead, 24 wounded).

As of November 7, they returned to reporting all police casualties.

– with reports from Bea Cupin/

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