Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tabogo DDS Dutertards

 The TABOGO DDS DUTERTARDS know that DUTERTE IS A LOST CAUSE. Their problem is how to find the COURAGE to admit their stupid mistake and the WISDOM to  change. Mabuburo sila sa loob ng DDS ECHO CHAMBERS nila.



"The Philippine Communist insurgency should have ended in the time of CORAZON AQUINO when she genuinely believed that the only way forward was DIALOGUE and allowing the Left to be part of Government so they can help effect the changes they longed for. There was only one problem - Corazon Aquino wasn't greedy and power hungry enough to seek the second term she was entitled to under the new 1987 Constitution because her first six years wasn't enough to permanently cast the changes necessary to stop the Insurgency.

The new confrontational tack being pursued now by RODRIGO DUTERTE will only produce MORE DEADLY BODIES AND SWELL THE RANKS OF THE INSURGENTS just like in the 70s when the GREATEST NPA RECRUITER was MARCOS himself.

He never learns from History because Rodrigo has never been a student of History; he is this way because what guides him is his EGO. Not history, and certainly not the  lessons of those who came before him."