Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Be prepared to suffer; the Duterte promises.

By way of a refresher, during the campaign, Duterte made many crazy, bombastic, dramatic, incredible, impossible and unpresidential promises and statements, which, nonetheless, secured for him a landslide vote, thanks to the gullible Filipinos from sophisticated and rich Class “A” to the ignorant and poor Class “E”:

(1) He will solve criminality within three to six months from assumption to office;

(2) He will resign after six months if he fails to perform his aforecited promise (and turn over the presidency to his friend Bongbong Marcos, not to his partymate Cayetano, mind you);

(3) He will commute to and from Manila and Davao as president because the Manila ambience is not for him;

(4) He will litter the waters of Manila Bay with 100,000 bodies of criminals during his term of office;

(5) He will have separate conjugal rooms for his legal wife and his common-law wife in Malacanang;

(6) He will send the military tanks to close Congress if it impeaches him;

(7) He will declare a revolutionary government to institute massive reforms and eradicate crimes, if necessary;

(8) He will share political power, Cabinet positions, and the like (including billions of tax money) with the Communists for the sake of “peace”;

(9) He lambasted the ambassadors of USA and Australia to shut up when the latter issued statements about rape not being a proper joke topic by politicians;

(10) He bragged he would be the first leftist/socialist Philippine president;

(11) He denies he is a communist. 

· The Davao NPA surrenders their soldier/police POWs only to him;

· He consented in the past to the collection of revolutionary taxes and the performance of illegal acts of extortion and coercion by the NPA in Davao;

(12) He publicly cursed the Pope for the traffic caused by the papal visit;

(13) He was a victim of sexual abuse by a priest in Ateneo o de Davao Univ. when he was a boy;

(14) He loved flirting with women.

(15) He has no unexplained wealth by the millions in BPI, which was the subject matter of a formal complaint filed by Sen. Trillanes with the Office of the Ombudsman. 

(To this very date he has not disclosed his account details and transaction history);

(16) He will “cooperate” with China on the West PH Sea/South CH Sea controversy. 

· Like Binay, he hinted that he would enter into joint ventures with China to exploit the PH resources in the West PH Sea/South CH Sea, as part of his peace pact with China. 

· He said railways from China would satisfy him. 

· He implied he would withdraw the pending UNCLOS case filed by the Philippines versus China if a compromise is reached.

(17) And many other stupid and insane speeches, promises, and braggadocio.

One socio-psychological Philippine phenomenon is striking: Filipinos, from Class A to Class E, all have the secret and risky collective capacity to be insane and gullible by casting their precious votes in favor of a foul-mouth, pro-CPP-NPA-NDF, demagogue, feudal, and dynastic warlord who pretended to be an honest, democratic, wise, and true leader of the suffering masses.

You deserve the president you vote for. 

Be prepared to suffer.