Sunday, May 8, 2016

Duterte's thoughts on the West Phil. Sea & South China Sea issues (and Binay's, too).

Duterte claims Aquino allowed China to reclaim the contested shoals in the West PH Sea.

Read the Phil. Daily Inquirer website today.

He says Aquino sent Trillanes many times to China to communicate such permit to reclaim.

Duterte forgets the fact that it was the bravery and independent mind of Aquino which led to the official filing by the Philippines of its pending UNCLOS arbitration case versus China.

Aquino asserts our right to the 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and other maritime entitlements in the said Sea as provided in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

China arrogantly ignores the jurisdiction of the Unclos arbitration tribunal.

China, the regional bully, insults and intimidates the Philippines and other claimant-states, e.g., Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan.

Chinese navy and air force are rushing the construction of military bases and military airports in the West Phil. Sea.

From such military bases, China can hit the Philippines and other allied forces in the area with complete ease.

The Philippine's Unclos case vs China is hailed worldwide as a case of "David vs. Goliath."

The decision of the Unclos arbitration tribunal is scheduled to be issued very soon.

It is expected by many observers to favor the legal stand of the Philippines.

The world respects the courage of our Republic.

We are not threatened by the giant bully China.

What is the stand of Duterte vis-a-vis China's ownership claim?

What is the stand of Duterte vis-a-vis the pending Unclos case filed by the Philippines against China?

What is the stand of Duterte vis-a-vis the aggressive militarization by China of the South China Sea and West Phil. Sea?

Duterte is willing to give up our claim in favor of China in exchange for Chinese railways for Mindanao and Bicol.

How cheap is our national interest in the eyes of Duterte!

This feudal warlord of Davao City is a traitor to Philippine national interest.

He is willing to sell our national interest in the West Phil Sea in exchange for a few millions worth of Chinese railways and investments.

He is ready to surrender to China our right and the right of all nations to international commercial passage in the South China Sea, in complete disregard of international law,

Duterte and Binay share the same thoughts.

China claims ownership of almost the whole of the South China Sea based only on its self-serving and dubious "ancient" maps and history books.

Like Binay, Duterte does not protest China's unilateral declaration of ownership of the South China Sea

Binay wants joint partnership with China to develop the mineral resources in the West Phil. Sea, in complete disregard of the maritime entitlements of the Philippines within the 200-mile EEZ.

Duterte and Binay do not expressly protest the Chinese militarization of the Sea.

They have not issued statements expressing their gratitude to the USA, Japan, Australia, India, New Zealand and other allied countries for asserting the legal right of all nations to unhampered and free international passage of maritime vessels in the South China Sea.

Filipino subsistence fishermen and their families and Filipino middle-income fishing businessmen and their families are dying of hunger.

Many big Chinese military boats accompany and secure huge groups of Chinese fishing boats to the West Phil. Sea to exploit our marine resources there to the exclusion of Filipinos.

Filipino fishermen are helpless.

Duterte and Binay close their eyes to these realities.

As far as I am concerned, Duterte and Binay are the biggest national security risks we are facing right now.

Not Abu Sayaff or ISIS.

These traitors should be condemned by the Filipino electorate on May 9.